​Which Garden Building Should I Choose?

AVS Fencing & Landscaping Supplies, have nearly 200 different gardens buildings in their product range. But which one is right for your garden?

A shed not only looks great but also is ideal for keeping your garden clear and your tools, bikes and garden furniture safe and locked away. 
Choose from our wide range of sheds from our XL Heavyweight Workshop Shed designed for those wanting to be ultra-creative or a Apex Shed that is still a perfect size and ideal as your own hideaway or keeping furniture, toys and barbecues safe. Follow our guide (link to new blog) to discover which size shed you should choose and where it should sit in your outdoor space.  A big current trend is to paint your shed a dark colour, just ensure you use the highest-quality paint or treatment that's created especially for the job.

Garden storage
Whether you have garden tools, bins or logs to keep in the garden, the best way to keep them safe and protected (as well as your garden looking neat and tidy) is with high-quality wooden storage that will fit beautifully into your outdoor space. Easy to assemble, well-designed and created for the job in hand, they're the perfect addition to any garden. For cyclists who want to take good care of their bike o
ur Pent Bike Store, for instance, can hold up to two bikes or lots of play equipment at the end of a day in the garden or over the colder months safely and securely.

Outdoor garden building
The latest trend,
 and one that is here to stay, is the outdoor building, a log cabin or summerhouse that can be utilised in a myriad of ways. Call them a garden office, outdoor room or a garden room, these generously-sized and stylish buildings – either a modern stylish or more traditional design. Our garden buildings can be used as another room; they're perfect to use as a gym, office or social space. Whatever you need, we've got the shed or summerhouse for you and is going to look great your garden for years to come.

A playhouse in your garden will fire up your children's imagination and keep them playing for hours at a time. Our high-quality wooden playhouses are safe, easy to assemble and can be customised in any way you want. Try painting your playhouse in soft ice cream muted colours so they look great, are protected against the British weather, appeal to your kids but won't clash with the natural colours of your garden.

Animal shelters
Our wooden animal shelters are all made from the highest-quality timber and will fit into the design of most gardens. So when your cat or dog likes to stay outside in the warmer garden, give them their own place where they can be as comfortable and content as possible.

Help & advice
We also offer an installation service for all our buildings so just ask in-branch or on the phone. If you need more information about fencing and landscaping, please get in touch with your local branch
. Our specialists will be happy to offer help and advice and can provide you with a free quote for supply of all relevant materials.

13th Feb 2020