Gender Pay Gap Statement

Lawsons Whetstone Ltd has carried out our Gender Pay Gap Reporting as required by Law under the Equality Act 2010.  Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

We can confirm that figures provided are for the snapshot date 05/04/2021


  %   %
Mean Pay Gap 5.25 Mean Bonus 14.24
Median Pay Gap 5.58 Median Bonus 6.94
Proportion of Males Paid a Bonus 71.94%    
Proportion of Females Paid a Bonus 66.67%    
Quartiles Male Female  
Lower 93.29% 6.71%  
Lower Middle 93.50% 6.50%  
Upper Middle 93.50% 6.50%  
Upper Middle      



The industry in which Lawsons operates has traditionally been perceived as a male environment. Due to the physical nature and contracted hours associated with some of our Job roles, it may mean they are more suited to a male employee and in those areas the employment continues to be dominated by male employees.  Lawsons aims to pay a fair salary for each job role and attract a diverse range of employees in all roles.  We continue to actively seek the right person each job regardless of gender.  

We are exhibiting a negative Gender Pay Gap and attribute this to the split of job roles type, career choice and work life balance.  The Bonus Gap – is attributed to the upper quartile being dominated by Male Employees.  

Whilst we endeavour to recruit more females into both our branch network and Senior Roles in Branch Management, the fact remains that most of our female employees are employed in office-based support function roles, such as those in credit control or purchase ledger, whilst most of our male employees are based in our branch network, as Salespeople, operating in the yards, or driving our van and lorry fleet.

Lawsons make every effort to employ the right person for each role, regardless of gender.  It is essential that we attract, retain, and further develop our employees, and build an inclusive working environment from a diverse talent pool, and to always employs the best person for each job.  

Most importantly we keenly encourage our employee’s ideas and contributions on how we can foster diversity and inclusivity in every aspect of our business. Our achievements thus far, are only the starting platform, on which we will continue to endorse further gender diversity through-out our company.

Paul Rushent 

Joint Managing Director