​How to Hang a Garden Gate

Our range of Gate Kits has all you need for you to hang a smart and secure gate that works perfectly. Follow our step-by-step guide to getting it right...

Round top Picket fence with Picket Gate

1. Firstly, your gate post needs to be fixed securely into the ground. Dig a hole roughly 600mm deep before holding the post in place then simply pour water into the hole before adding the Post Mix which sets in 20 minutes. Full instructions are on the bag so you can't go wrong.

2. Fit the two T hinges onto the back of the gate by securing the longer sections onto the gate itself then wedge the gate off the floor with wedges of wood so it's at the correct level in the gap and has the same space on both sides. Once you're happy with how the gate is sitting, screw in the other section of the hinges, attaching it to the post - just do one or two first then ensure the gate opens and closes nicely. Once it does, put the rest of the screws in.

3. Time to attach the Suffolk latch. Position the latch so it's sitting correctly on both the gate and the frame, measuring it out so the door can still open comfortably. Drill a hole to connect the handle on the outside to the latch on the inside. Once it's opening and closely easily, secure it in place with the screws.

4. Secure the gate stops to each post, ensuring it doesn't swing forward once they're in place. Screw the padbolts to the gate and the gate post to ensure your new garden gate is safe and secure.

The only other tools you'll need are a spirit level, screwdriver and screws plus wooden wedges to prop the gate up. Choose from natural wood or brown wood

What's in each gate kit?

  • 1 x Natural or Brown Finish Closeboard Gate (1750mm high x 900mm wide)
  • 1 x 2.4m Natural Finish UC4 Kiln Dried Redwood Gate Post (100mm high x 100m wide)
  • 2 x Natural Finish Gate Stops (1.8metre high) (38 high x22mm wide)
  • 1 pack 18” BZP (bright zinc plated) T hinges (2 per pack)
  • 1 x No3 BXP Suffolk Latch
  • 2 x 6" Padbolts (0.5" shoot)
  • 2 x 20kg Bags of Post Mix Concrete

Our experts say...
• The gate should always open inwards towards your property.
• Always attach a padbolt near the bottom of the gate to prevent anyone reaching over it to unlock.

23rd May 2019