Closeboard Gate Kit (1750 x 900mm) - Green Timber with Post, Stops, Hinges, Latch, Padbolts and Post Mix


Our Closeboard Garden Gate Kit contains everything you need to build a strong, durable gate.

  • Closeboard garden gate kit in a natural wood colour
  • Closeboard garden gate in natural colour wood Front View
  • Closeboard garden gate in natural colour wood Side View
  • Closeboard garden gate in natural colour wood Back View
  • Padbolt
  • Garden Gate T Hinges
  • Garden Gate Suffolk Latch
  • Wood fence post in natural colour front view
  • Wood fence post in natural colour end view
  • Wood fence post in natural colour Side view
  • Wooden Gate Stop / Roofing Battern
  • Wooden Gate Stop / Roofing Battern Side View
  • 20kg plastic bag post mix
  • postmix
£153.31 (inc VAT)
£127.76 (ex VAT)

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Save time and money with our new Natural Finish Closeboard Garden Gate Kit – try our one-click buying option and get the new garden gate you need. 
With a finished height of 1.75m (5’7 ft), this is the ideal height to add privacy to a garden entrance and the beautiful, high quality natural finish offers a blank canvas for you to decorate in any colour or finish you like.

The only tools you'll need are an electric drill, a screwdriver and a spade for digging the hole for the post plus, a bit of muscle power to put it all together.
This kit contains the gate, one post, two hinges, latch, two security bolts, two gate stops and the cement to set the post. Everything you need to get your gate up and working in a day.
Our high quality Closeboard Gate Kit contains:
  • 1 x 1750mm x 900mm Natural Finish Closeboard Gate 
  • 1x 2.4m Natural Finish 100mmx100m UC4 Kiln Dried Redwood Gate Post 
  • 2 x 1.8M Natural Finish 38x22mm Dried Gate Stop
  • 1 pack 18” BPZ (bright zinc plated) "T" hinges (2 per pack)
  • 1 x No5 Galvanised Suffolk Latch
  • 2 x 6" Padbolt (0.5" shoot)
  • 2 x 20 kg Bag of Post Mix Concrete

Note: You may require either a second gate post or a wall plate

Top Tip

If you use your side gate as the main access to your house, make sure you attach the galvanised bolts on the inside and outside of the gate so you can securely lock the gate whether you are at home or not.

All the direct ground contact wood we supply is UC4 rated (Unless stated otherwise)

What does UC4 mean?
This means the wood is kiln-dried to remove as much moisture as possible and then flushed with treatment that penetrates right down to the core and the sapwood around it to extend its life expectancy when it goes into the ground. This treatment can sometimes leave a slightly green tinge on the wood (that may be mistaken for mould), this is completely normal and will disappear over time. Because of this extensive treatment, this wood can last up to 15 years with minimum treatment.
Want a bit more security? Why not add a Premium Rimlock single locking key operated lock
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