Atlantic Grey Treated Douglas Fir Sleeper (2500 x 75 x 150mm)


Atlantic Grey Treated Douglas Fir Sleeper

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Our premium Douglas Fir Sleepers deliver the durability of a hardwood sleeper at the cost of a softwood sleeper.

Douglas Fir is an evergreen conifer species, widely regarded as the hardest native softwood with its strength and durability similar to many hardwoods. Its inherent ability to resist water and decay comes from a high resin content, which gives our Douglas Fir Sleepers a lifetime of at least 10-15 years.

These premium sleepers are lightly stained with a grey preservative which will naturally fade to a silver/grey colour. Alternatively, they can be retreated with a colour of your choice to enhance the natural grain of the wood.

Our 75 x 150mm Douglas Fir Sleepers are available in lengths of 1.25m, 2.50m and an extra-long 3.75m – perfect for a range of landscaping applications including steps, retaining walls and raised beds.


  • New Softwood and Hardwood Sleepers are machined from natural, organic, unseasoned timber that has not undergone any drying process so being hydroscopic it will naturally season over time which may result in them contracting, distorting and expanding with the seasons.
  • Splits, checks and shakes are a natural occurrence associated with landscaping timbers which help give them that natural look and will not affect the integrity of the product if orientated appropriately. They will appear as the timber dries as shrinkage will occur in different directions but don’t be alarmed as they are an entirely natural phenomenon.
  • Please note that despite being the same general colour profile, there are many factors that result in a slight variance in colour from sleeper to sleeper. If you would like any more information do not hesitate to get in contact.
  • Sleeper dimensions may vary as sizes stated are nominal, they are a rough sawn product and not machined to an exact tolerance which helps gives them their individual natural character.
  • Our suppliers use unseasoned timber to manufacture our new softwood and hardwood sleepers. As this timber has not been subjected to a fast drying process it will season and mature over time, expanding and contracting with the weather. This process may create splits, checks and shakes in the timber which add character to their unique appearance. These natural changes do not affect the integrity of the product. The colour of the sleeper will also change, silvering over time.

  • All sleeper sizes are nominal as this is rough sawn products and not machined to an exact tolerance. This enhances their individuality and appearance. Please contact us if you require any further information

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