Why Choose Wooden Fencing?

Weighing up whether to use a wall or fence to frame your landscape? Both offer security and privacy but here's the main benefits of erecting fencing in your outdoor space.

Any fence you choose should be solid enough to ensure your property is properly secured while being confident it's also strong enough to withstand windy weather. A good-quality fence can be made more secure by adding gravel boards to the bottom of the fence panels. These protect your fencing from ground moisture thus stopping the wood from rotting.

While brick walls are strong and secure with quality garden fencing, any repairs can be carried out inexpensively and quickly with fixings such as concrete or metpost spurs and repair brackets. They can also be installed pretty quickly and there's a wide choice of timber preservatives and treatments available to keep your fencing protected, whatever the weather.

Add some style
Garden walls look great when they're well looked after but there so many more styles to choose from with fencing. Palisade or picket fencing, for instance, complements a pretty cottage garden, and close board panels look modern and clean in a more contemporary garden.

Or how about adding an earthy feel to your garden barriers? Trellis panels look great added to the top of fencing and used to display climbing plants, while garden screening such as willow and hazel hurdles can be placed in front of fencing to add a natural feel.

Fencing can also be adapted to suit the design of your property and garden with just a few quick fixes. Paint and timber stain can make a huge difference to your fence with very little time or money invested. Paint your fence in trendy, muted t colours or keep it simple with a clear oil. The choice is yours.

Wood is a sustainable material that can be replaced easily and recycled. Bricks, however, are not considered as sustainable due to the production techniques and the materials they're created from.

Drop into your nearest AVS or give us a call to discuss the best option for you and your garden. 

9th Apr 2019