Why Choose Artificial Grass?

Want the look and feel of a natural-looking lawn all year round with none of the maintenance? Then our new range of artificial grass could be for you. Check out our guide to laying artificial grass here. 

Artificial Grass

Q: What's it all about?
A: There's a good reason why artificial grass sales are going through the roof. Forget the hard, fake-looking bright green grass you used to see in greengrocers; artificial grass now feels and looks both natural and realistic and is also long-lasting and hugely durable. There's no need for mowing, it's child- and pet-friendly and low-maintenance too. The grass simply sits on a membrane that drains water into the ground below.

Q: Would it work for my garden? 
A: If any of these apply to you and your garden, then it's worth considering an artificial lawn:
1. It's hard to grow grass in our garden.
2. Our kids love playing in the garden and often wear the lawn out.
3. We have no time to mow, weed and water a lawn.
4. Our kids and pets are forever treading mud through the house.

Q: How do I choose the right grass for us?
A: Artificial grasses vary in price and this reflects how realistic they look and feel as well as how long they'll last. The depth of the grass strand is measured in mm so obviously the bigger this figure, the longer the grass will feel. Be aware that the more expensive versions can be heavy to lift and cut so if you're laying your artificial lawn yourself do ensure you choose a lighter grass.

Q: Is it eco-friendly?
A: You'll be saving on water and fertilisers with an artificial lawn but, of course, it is a plastic-based product. Unlike a living lawn, it doesn't attract wildlife such as birds either and insects won't survive underneath it. However, it does allow rain to drain away just like real lawns and will last for many years to come. Some people prefer to lay artificial grass in just one part of their garden; where their children like to play, for example, or the area nearer the house. And once it's laid, you can concentrate on caring for the shrubs, plants and trees which are wildlife-friendly.

Q: How do I look after my new lawn?

A: Your artificial lawn should last for a decade or more, You don’t need to water it, but soak it with warm, soapy water every six months to keep it looking fresh. A quick brush with a stiff-bristled broom every month or so will stop it looking tired and brushing in sand to keep the strands upright is also a good idea.

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14th Jun 2019