What are DuraPost® steel fencing posts?

Why choose steel fencing posts?

Fence posts made from concrete or timber have been the traditional choices in fencing construction for many years, however a new breed of steel fencing posts is now providing an alternative to traditional fence posts with a range of added benefits.

DuraPost at AVS Fencing & Landscaping

  • Durability - 25 year guarantee
  • Strength - withstands winds up to 110mph
  • Versatility - works with panel, closeboard or post and rail fencing
  • Ease of installation - 20% of the weight of concrete posts
  • Contemporary finish - plain steel or colour powder coated options

DuraPost® is a complete fencing system of steel fence posts and caps, corner posts, gravel boards and capping rails that can be used with both prefabricated fence panels and close board fencing with Arris, Cant or 3x2 rails. Available in two different heights to support a 1.8m panel or larger, the posts can accommodate a panel thickness of up to 48mm.

DuraPost steel fence at AVS Fencing & Landscaping

Unfinished galvanised steel fence posts give a contemporary, in-line look when placed alongside timber fencing, however DuraPost® is also available in a range of three coloured powder-coated finishes for added impact, perfect for contemporary garden design schemes.

DuraPost steel fence at AVS Fencing & Landscaping

How strong are steel fence posts?

The main advantages of steel fencing posts over concrete or timber are their strength and durability. DuraPost® is manufactured in the UK from galvanised steel which has been cold-rolled, giving it incredible strength - in laboratory tests the steel posts can withstand winds of 110mph.

DuraPost® is also incredibly durable - while a typical wooden fence post (even if pressure treated) may have a lifespan of 10 years, DuraPost® will not weather or rust and has a 25 year guarantee, built to last even longer than that.

Is DuraPost® easy to install?

DuraPost steel fence at AVS Fencing & Landscaping

Installing the DuraPost® system is remarkably simple, making it particularly suitable for DIY domestic fencing. You will notice how easy steel fence posts are to handle - a steel post weighs around 8kg, compared to 15kg for a timber post and up to 45kg for a concrete fence post.

It can be helpful to lay your posts and other components out alongside your fence panel before starting, in order to visualise how the system will fit together, and to ensure that adequate space is left on the post above ground to fix your panel. 

Dig a minimum two foot (60cm) hole for the post and set the first post in position with  post mix concrete. After allowing to dry, attach the gravel board then slot your fence panel into the post and secure with screws. Attach you second post to the panel and gravel board as before, then set it level in post mix.

DuraPost® installation with fence panels

DuraPost steel fence at AVS Fencing & LandscapingDuraPost steel fence at AVS Fencing & Landscaping

DuraPost® installation with closeboard fencing

For closeboard fencing the arris rail, cant rail or 3x2 rails are screwed in position between the posts, with the boards then attached as usual to the rails, resulting in a highly durable fence.

DuraPost steel fence at AVS Fencing & LandscapingDuraPost steel fence at AVS Fencing & Landscaping

Ask the fencing experts

For further advice about your fencing project don’t hesitate to speak to our fencing experts at your local AVS Fencing & Landscaping Supplies branch. The complete DuraPost® fence post system is available for home delivery within our AVS Branch delivery area

DuraPost steel fence at AVS Fencing & Landscaping

30th Mar 2021 AVS Fencing & Landscaping Supplies