How to Use Weld Mesh

Light Weldmesh

This kind of weldmesh is popular for back gardens; it’s ideal for keeping pets in and rabbits/foxes out. It’s also easy to erect using timber posts. All you need to do is fix the weldmesh to the post, at the top and bottom, using staples. It’s best, for added support, to have a top rail running across the top of the posts to secure the weldmesh to. Alternatively some galvanised line wire running across the top with the weldmesh clipped to it will work well to prevent the wire sagging in the middle over time.

Heavy Weldmesh

Heavy weldmesh is suited to security purposes. It can be erected using angle iron posts. The straining posts need to be concreted in the ground at every end, corner or every 50M on a straight run. In between, the intermediate posts can simply be driven into the ground without concrete. The straining posts will need to be supported by struts, two struts for a corner posts and one for an end post.


Line wires to support the weldmesh are strung between the straining posts using ferrule winders, which are provided with the straining posts. The wire can simply be threaded through the holes of the intermediate posts and the weldmesh then clipped to the wire. Use the strainer bars which are attached to the posts to tension the wire.

Alternatively you can use concrete posts. These all need to be concreted into the ground. The line wire is strung between the posts using eyebolts and then, as with angle iron posts, the weldmesh is clipped to the line wire. Strain the wire with stretcher bars, which are attached to angle cleats using M8 x 30mm bolts.

If you have any questions about weldmesh, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our sales team, who will be happy to help you in anyway they can.

9th Apr 2019