How to use Decorative Fence Panels in the Garden

Decorative garden fence panels provide a semi-solid fencing solution midway between a solid fencing panel and an open trellis and can be used either as boundary fencing, or increasingly as panels within a garden or outdoor space to create decorative screening of separate areas or garden rooms.

High quality decorative wooden fence panels are perfect for creating a secure boundary fence that is still permeable to light and air, with the different kinds of panel delivering varying levels of privacy. Because the panels allow the wind to pass through they are less susceptible to wind damage, especially beneficial in exposed areas.

Slatted and horizontal fence panels 

A simple slatted fence panel is a great way to construct a contemporary boundary fence without feeling completely enclosed, allowing light and wind to pass through whilst still maintaining a level of privacy, security and sound proofing. Sunlight passing through the slats creates wonderful light beams and shadows, while the horizontal slats can also make a garden space look longer.

For a less open fence, opt for our dual faced Square Horizontal Fence Panel, or create an interior design statement outside with a Horizontal Tongue & Groove Fence Panel.


Decorative arched fencing panels

To break up a horizontal stretch of fencing or screening, use an arched decorative panel to give a softer, undulating top edge to your fence. Either build a striking row of continuous arched panels, such as the V Arched Fence Panel, or use the Omega Lattice Top Fence Panel with its matching Wing Panel and Full Lattice Panel to create a smaller, freestanding garden screen.


Combi decorative panels

If you require a more solid fence but don’t want an entirely solid panel, we offer a range of decorative fence panels with a solid base, such as the Canterbury Combi Fence Panel or Tongue & Groove Lattice Top Panel, topped with an open lattice or slats providing security and privacy with a less enclosed feeling.


What is a Venetian fence panel?

Venetian decorative panels, as the name implies, have a construction similar to a Venetian blind with the horizontal slats set at an angle, reducing the open gap between the slats whilst still allowing light and wind to pass through. This provides more privacy than a simple slatted panel while still being more open than a closed fencing panel.

Venetian Hit and Miss fence panels are a great option when you want more privacy and security, for example on a boundary fence, whilst still allowing wind and some light to filter through your fence. This can be especially useful when fencing an exposed area where solid fence panels are more prone to wind damage.

A Hit and Miss panel is essentially a double-sided Venetian panel, where the angled slats on the front and back of the panel are staggered to create a fence which looks solid, but still allows wind currents to pass through. Another benefit is that the panel looks the same from both sides so is ideal for creating a boundary with a neighbouring property.

Hazel, willow and woven decorative fencing

Woven fencing panels, or hurdles, are particularly effective in more traditional, natural garden schemes providing an organic, rustic background to your planting. For a woven fence that is still as sturdy and substantial as a closed boundary fence, use our Premium Woven Fence Panel in pressure treated green timber.

For a more rustic look, opt for our Willow and Hazel Hurdles. Hand woven from supple Willow and Hazel branches, these panels are extremely durable and can be used freestanding with fencing stakes, or simply attached to a wall or fence.

For freestanding hurdles simply drive a round stake directly into the ground and secure the panels with wire – the perfect quick fix to mask an unsightly area of the garden, or to provide added protection for a vegetable patch or tender garden plants.


Lattice fence panels

For a fully open screen or panel, use an open lattice fence panel such as the  Omega Full Lattice Fence Panel. Sturdier than a simple trellis piece, these panels are particularly useful for creating dividing walls within a garden, whilst still allowing an uninterrupted view.

Creating open walls and garden rooms

garden rooms

Garden designers are increasingly using decorative fence panels within the garden, rather than solely on the boundary, to create open walls and dividers. Rather than a solid fencing panel, decorative panels allow you to construct sturdy open walls without completely blocking the view through the garden. Use decorative panels to break up the garden area into rooms and to create a flow through the space:

  • place panels at the edge of a patio to protect your barbeque and outdoor dining area from the wind
  • create a secret garden nook with a quiet space to read
  • protect your windows or prized garden plants from flying footballs
  • hide unsightly features such as dustbins or the compost heap
  • protect more sensitive garden plants from direct winds whilst still allowing some wind and light through

For a contemporary design statement, paint your decorative panels with a blue or grey treatment such as  Cuprinol Urban Slate or Cuprinol Forget-me-Not.

What is a green wall?

Green walls or green screens have become an increasingly popular gardening trend in recent years. They bring the traditional wall trellis to centre stage in the garden by creating a freestanding wall of greenery that can be used to divide and shield distinct areas of the garden, or to divide the space into separate garden rooms.

Our decorative panels are most suited to this task, providing a sturdy foundation for climbing plants whilst still allowing light and air to pass through. For added impact mount a panel with the slats in the vertical position to complement vertical planting. 

Green walls can look especially effective when enclosing a pathway, rather than using a traditional pergola or arch. For added impact, uplight your green wall from below using our range of outdoor lighting.

Ask the fencing experts

For further advice about your fencing project don’t hesitate to speak to our fencing experts at your local AVS Fencing & Landscaping Supplies branch. Our ranges of pressure treated decorative fence panels have different delivery options by product range, either click and collect from your local AVS Branch or home delivery within our AVS Branch delivery area. Each product is clearly marked with its delivery options. 

30th Mar 2021 AVS Fencing & Landscaping Supplies