How to Paint a Shed or Garden Building

All our garden sheds, storage and garden buildings have been pre-stained and/or pressure treated. However, we recommend treating your shed annually to maintain the look and weather proofing of your building.

Choose a period of dry, sunny weather and always use a product specifically designed for exterior wood or fencing – we recommend Cuprinol paints and stains which are available in a range of classic and contemporary colours. Brush off the surface to remove dust and dirt, and mask any windows with newspaper and masking tape. 

Then test a small area with your paint or stain and allow to dry. Add a second coat to test for adhesion and final colour.

Once you’re happy, evenly apply your paint or stain with a brush or sprayer. If you need to apply two coats it is preferable to apply on the same day for maximum adhesion.

It’s good practice to also treat or paint the interior of your shed or building, although this doesn’t need to be done as often. Painting the interior of your building with a lighter colour such as Cuprinol Willow will increase the light and feeling of space, especially if you are using the room for more than just storage, for example as a home office or garden room.

Never be tempted to use interior emulsion paints on wooden garden buildings, even on the interior, as they are not designed to withstand the natural expansion/contraction of exterior wood and will flake and peel quickly.

TOP TIP - garden lighting is a great way to bring your new paintwork to life!

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30th Mar 2021 AVS Fencing & Landscaping Supplies