Customising and workshopping

At AVS, we have experts in every branch who are happy to help and advise you, whatever your project. 

Eight of our ten branches have workshops where our highly experienced and talented carpenters are on hand to create bespoke pieces according to your individual requirements. 

Here's what we can supply for you:

  • Morticed posts
  • Bespoke finished posts
  • Adapt fence panels and gates to fit any awkward gap or space in your fencing
  • Build a trellis to any size you want
  • Make gates to any width and height specifications you have in mind

We can also consider making one-off, bespoke pieces if required. If you have your own ideas about a style of fencing or gate, just ask and we'll give you a quotation and timetable for this unique piece

Talk to your local AVS team today for a quote or pop in whenever you're in branch and see what we can do for you.