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  • Clutterbox
  • Clutterbox
  • Clutterbox
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AVS Garden Storage solutions are manufactured by Albany Sheds, a UK-based company who have been creating quality, long-lasting garden buildings and outdoor storage since 1984.

This Clutterbox is ideal for outdoor storage and measures 1.2 x 0.76m. It has a heavy duty felted sloping roof and 12mm T&G Cladding and the whole product is factory treated to prevent timber decay. 34 x 34mm framing makes this unit sturdy and ideal for storing those garden tools and varied outdoor items with the double doors providing easy access. This building comes with a slide bolt suitable for fitting a padlock if desired.


  • Free standing storage building
  • Ideal for placing against a wall or fence
  • Tongue & groove shiplap, including floor and roof
  • Framed and braced double doors
  • Doors are on low side, with the roof sloping up to the back


CodeSize (approx)Dimensions FW x D x HDoor W x H
426 4 x 2.6 feet 1.2 x 0.76 x 1.4m 900 x 1150mm

Size FW x D x H:
 The Front Width (the long side) x Depth (the sloping ends) x Height (to the top of the roof) in metres.


Cladding and framing make up the panels from which this building is constructed. In general, the thicker the cladding and framing, the stronger the shed will be and the longer it will last. All the panels on this building are made from sustainably sourced 12mm thick cladding and 34mm x 34mm thick framing. Please note this is the finished size after machining (some companies quote the size before machining).

Building Sizes
All sizes are approximate, based on external measurements (unless stated otherwise) - they do not include roof overhang. Please allow for any overhangs when choosing the size of your building, bearing in mind space required for installation and maintenance. We advise you check internal sizes if buying a building for a specific purpose, or any other sizes if critical. Planning permission can be required on some buildings depending on size and location, please check with your local council if unsure.

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