Winning That Order: Tips on Sealing the Deal

Winning orders is really the aim of the game when it comes to business. But whether you are an established fencing contractor or new to the business, there are always new things to learn when it comes to your customers.

But what is the best way of winning orders? Gaining trust with your potential customers, of course. Unfortunately due to the amount of cow boy traders out there, more and more people are expecting the worst from tradesmen. To give your customers peace of mind and make them choose you, there are a few things you can do to help.

Winning Orders through Promoting your Business

Not only does promoting your business get your name out there, it also confirms in people’s minds that you are a legitimate company.

  • Social Media: Getting social online is a great way to promote your business as it is free and popular with a lot of people. You could create a Facebook page and encourage customers to comment on your work and share pictures. As this information will be visible to anyone researching you, many customers will be reassured that you are as good as you say you are.

  • Advertising: Approach fencing suppliers and DIY stores to see if they will put up an advert for your services. This gives established suppliers the opportunity to recommend you, again giving you credibility.

  • Websites: Having a website is another good way of gaining credibility as you can use it to post photos of previous work alongside customer testimonials. You could even write a blog on your website to offer tips and advice. This will reassure people that you know what you’re talking about.

  • Forums: If a website is a little too much commitment, a great alternative is to participate in industry related forums, offering your knowledge and expertise. Start by just answering questions without mentioning your business. Then once you have been active for a while, begin to talk about your business and link to your social media pages. Only mention it when relevant though as no one will appreciate spammy comments on their questions.

  • Getting Verified

    Today, many customers are turning towards websites such as Checkatrade to make sure they hire the right contractor. People trust tradesmen on websites such as this because of the stringent checks they do on them. Only workers who meet the website’s standards become members and make it on to the approved list.

    Checkatrade require their members to do the following:

  • Be upfront with customers about any call out fees before going to them

  • Arrive on time to appointments and call in advance if they need to be rescheduled

  • Be honest in all dealings with customers and let them know straight away if they can’t do the work

  • Keep customers updated and be realistic about when they can start work and how long it will take

  • Deal with complaints in a professional manner and never be verbally or physically abusive to a customer

  • Never demand cash payment or obtain work through cold calling

  • Make sure to create an additional contract for variations from the original agreement

    These are tradesmen best practices to follow in any industry so it is always good to keep a check on how well your business is doing meeting those standards. Word quickly gets round and positive reviews are always helpful to getting new business.

    Problems are not always avoidable and if they do occur, your best bet is to fix the problem and not make excuses. Tradesmen should also be honest about any problems they encounter while doing the work as hiding anything is just going to upset the customer. Bad mouthing your competition is also not a good idea. Reputable businesses do not need to speak badly about competitors to get contracts. Let your good work do the talking.

    As a professional tradesman, you need to let potential customers know how great you are, whether that be online or through word of mouth. This will always help you win orders in the long run.

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