Vandguard Provides Sensible Security

With Vandguard, anti climb security systems, you get cost-effective protection of all kinds. Their special products repel invaders without injuring them, and easily attach to walls, gates, decking, fences and other structures. You can rest assured that vandals and thieves are kept out of your home, business or public areas.


In addition to Vandguard’s high-quality anti-intruder devices deterring potentially dangerous intruders – key in crime-ridden times – you have a legitimate feeling of safety, at home or at work. Also, their unique products help you avoid costly legal actions. Would-be opportunists often get hurt trying to circumvent security systems, and then want to sue.

How does it work?

For instance, Vandguard makes rotating vane devices that keep a person from entering an area, as they simply spin off of the ‘windmill’-type device. Their colour-coated Anti-Climb guard, used atop brick walls and other barriers, is unobtrusive, yet effective. It looks like a design feature, yet keeps you safe and secure. Vandguard products comply with Health and Safety and Legal Liability regulations.

Their many products can be applied to windows, rooftops, gates, fencing of all types, and in alleyways. Vandguard security systems are widely used by both rural estate owners and inner city folks. Others who can benefit include owners and managers of areas for leisure, vehicle parking and storage, industrial and commercial sites and sports facilities, to name a few.

Unobtrusive roller barriers can top fences and walls, making climbing virtually impossible to scale. These Vandguard systems work well in settings where one wants less aggressive, but effective barriers to climbing. This can include schools, centres for the mentally impaired and prisons. So, they can discreetly keep people within a set area, or keep outsiders from entering.

Easy Installation

You’ll find that products are easy to attach, and are made of very corrosion-resistant materials. The company also produces acoustic and vibration detectors, amongst a wide array of home and commercial protective sensing and alarm systems. AVS Fencing Supplies, the leader in UK home-building, fencing, decking, gardening and landscaping, is proud to sell Vandeguard products to keep our customers safer.


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