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AVS consider customer reviews to be a valuable way of sharing information about your experiences. They help us to maintain the high standards of the products we sell, as well as our customer service.

By leaving a review you are helping other customers to make informed purchase decisions.

Review Submissions
Leaving your review

  • Be specific - write about the features of the product, what worked and what didn't
  • Explain your reasons - if a product was easy to use, tell us why and how much time it saved you
  • Offer advice - if you think you've found a great new way to use one of the products you have purchased from us, let our other customers know about it
  • Keep it unique - do not copy content from another website or publication, we want to hear what you think about our products
  • Keep it clean - reviews containing inappropriate language will not be published
  • Our Transparency
    Reading our reviews

  • We publish all reviews, the good, the bad and the ugly - as long as they do not contain inappropriate language, of course
  • Our reviews are left by our customers - we have software in place to detect and remove illegitimate reviews or those left by robots
  • We encourage reviewers to leave photos or videos to illustrate their opinions

  • Learn more about how to leave a Product Review on our website.

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