Pet Fencing Advice

Dog Mesh

Dog mesh is an extremely cost effective wire fencing for dogs. The AVS dog mesh has 15 horizontal wires with those at the bottom being close together making it ideally suitable for all sizes of dogs. The overall height is 1200mm which is approximately 4 feet.

The wire mesh comes in a roll and is normally fixed with fencing staples to timber fence posts, these could be round or square, round being the most popular fence post as they are already pointed for driving into the ground and are the cheapest post option.

Choosing a traditional fence?

This will largely be decided by the quantity of fencing to be erected and whether the fence is visually important.

Dog mesh, wire netting, stock fencing and chainlink are wire meshes which may be supported on a variety of posts at various heights to form a competitively priced animal barrier.

Palisade fencing offers an attractive timber fence which is ideal for dog containment in smaller areas where the visual aspect of the fence is important. Post and rail fencing may be used in conjunction with the meshes listed above to provide a robust, versatile fence which looks good. It is also an ideal fence if one wishes to retain views of the landscape beyond the fence.

In some situations chestnut paling may offer a good solution. It is particularly good where there are many curves in the fence line due to trees growing close to the fence line.

Fence Style Common Heights
Wire Netting   900mm 1050mm 1200mm 1800mm
Stock Fencing 800mm 1200mm 2000mm    
Chestnut Paling 915mm 1220mm 1525mm 1830mm  
Palisade Fence 900mm 1050mm 1200mm 1500/1800  
Post and Rail   1050mm 1200mm 1350mm  

Chestnut Paling

Chestnut paling is a fence on a roll which is really easy to erect. Timber stakes are driven into the ground approximately 3000mm apart and the fence is stapled to these stakes. Straining posts are created at ends and corners using 45 degree diagonal strutting. The most common height is 4 ft - 1220mm which is suitable for pet fencing in gardens. It is very good in rural areas as its blends in very well.


This is excellent for larger dogs and for the construction of kennel runs in conjunction with timber or steel framing.

Mesh Size

Whether it be a dog, large or small, indeed any kind of small animal or bird, the size of the mesh aperture is of critical importance to the animals well being. Remember, as well as keeping your animals fenced in, the fence may also be used to stop other livestock or vermin from entering the enclosure.


These require a netting with a maximum hole size of 31mm. The netting is usually sunk into the ground approximately 150mm and the bottom turned out towards the rabbits 150mm. Chainlink fencing will not keep rabbits out and it is therefore normal practice to bury wire netting at the base of the chainlink or indeed any other kind of fence to achieve this.

Digging Dogs

Terriers and other dogs that dig to escape under conventional fences may need the bottom of the fence sunk into the ground or wire netting erected in a similar manner to rabbit netting.


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