Why Choose Rustic Fencing?

Sturdy rustic fencing gives any garden or yard a natural look, enhances decking areas and provides an appealing appearance to a property while making a stylish statement. While some home and office owners and developers prefer an updated contemporary look to their fencing, rustic fencing lends a distinctive appeal of its own.

What to Choose

Since quality rustic fencing will last a long time, you’ll be looking at it for years. Why not use a style that blends into your country setting, complements a nicely styled estate or simply creates that kind of feeling? Often, home-owners enjoy gazing out at their property or surrounding woods, and not have a shiny steel or modern style of fence staring back at them.

Countryside estates and renovated or remodelled farmhouses, particularly, benefit from using rustic fencing like our Heather Screening, as their borders, as it aligns with the nature-based sense of the area and property. One favourite attribute to rustic styles of fences, archways and gates is that their construction is less jarring as one looks at greenery and woods, if you’re lucky enough to have this kind of property.

Another key use of the more natural look is that it can create an oasis of nature for you. If used around a deck or other space surrounded by buildings and unattractive views, natural wood fencing lends a calming, private and outdoorsy feel to a small space, even when used with steel or other materials. To create a “secret garden” mood to your backyard or overall surroundings, rustic fencing blends in with ease.


Stone walls, gravel paths, shale and other materials around a pool or yard are perfect matches for rustic fencing. Round yards, sections of property, or segments of decking levels can benefit from using rustic fencing, as it easily adapts to curves and odd shapes with flair. Also, you can use such fencing to extend a line of tree or bushes.

Chestnut paling, a popular fencing option, comes in a roll and is easy to install. Used for temporary fencing or more permanent solutions, it’s perfectly suited to curved areas. A cost-effective way to protect trees and structures against people, tools and machines used during construction, this rustic fencing comes in many heights and is very reasonable in cost.

Let us Help

The top UK professionals in fencing, AVS Fencing Supplies, have an amazing range of rustic fencing materials. Their expansive and lovely selection includes many wooden fence panels and wooden fencing kits, most treated to deter insects and decay. In addition, they sell front garden entryways such as pressure treated pine wood gates, picket fencing and gates, half panel palisade gates and many other softwood and hardwood choices. All can be connected with chainlink fencing, brickwork or wooden posts.

AVS have chestnut fencing produced from renewable resources, including torry chestnut fence and boarder panels, chestnut paling, and chestnut posts and cleft posts. Rustic ‘bark on’ pergola poles make any garden or entryway sing with character. Incidentally, AVS supports Kent and Sussex area chestnut coppicing – woodland management to produce new growth - as one of their many environmental and community support efforts. Look to AVS for all your rustic fencing needs.

9th Apr 2019