What Colour Should I Paint my Fence or Shed?

What Colour Should I Paint my Fence or Shed?

A great way to quickly spruce up your garden is by painting your fence, shed or garden furniture. Treating your outdoor wood regularly will protect it from rot and prolong its lifespan in addition to any decorative effect, and with modern fence stains and paints you can achieve both jobs in one.

Should I paint or stain my fence?

What Colour Should I Paint my Fence or Shed?

The difference between exterior wood paint and wood stain used to be pretty clear cut - wood paint would be completely opaque, while wood stain would be semi-transparent and have preservative properties. Paint would be available in a wide variety of colours, while stain would tend to be different shades of brown.

However modern wood treatments have blurred this distinction, and something described as a fence paint will still show the natural pattern of the wood in addition to having wood preserving properties. 

The major difference found with modern treatments is the variety of colours available - wood treatments such as Cuprinol Garden Shades allow you to inject some colour into your garden, from a whole fence to a piece of garden furniture.

Can I paint my side of the fence?

This may sound like a silly question, but the ownership of a fence depends on whose land the fence has been built. For example, if you have a fence to either side of your garden it's likely that only one of the fences is your property. Technically, the owner of the fence must give permission for you to paint it, even on your side of the fence.

What Colour Should I Paint my Fence or Shed?In the vast majority of cases this will not be an issue, why would your neighbour not want you to maintain your fence? However bear in mind that some bleeding of your chosen treatment through gaps in the fence is inevitable, so it's always a good idea to discuss your plans with a neighbour. Even better, both paint the fence at the same time!

For further information read our article Which Side of the Fence is Mine.

What colour should I paint my fence?

What Colour Should I Paint my Fence or Shed?

As previously mentioned, paints and stains are now available in a wide variety of colours to suit any landscape colour scheme. For more traditional garden schemes stick to dark brown or green shades for your fence panels such as Cuprinol Ducksback Harvest Brown or Forest Green to enhance the natural beauty of your fence or wooden shed.

For finer grade wood, such as garden furniture or a summerhouse, a clear wood preserver will protect and enhance the natural wood but without adding any colour - we recommend Cuprinol Clear Wood Preserver.

What Colour Should I Paint my Fence or Shed?

Modern garden schemes are increasingly turning to a darker coloured fence - grey and blue paints for a garden fence provide a dramatic background for plants and foliage. These modern paints are only semi-opaque, so still retain the grain of the wood while staining and preserving the surface. We love Cuprinol Garden Shades Urban Slate and Forget-Me-Not for fences, sheds and garden furniture.

What Colour Should I Paint my Fence or Shed?What Colour Should I Paint my Fence or Shed?

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What Colour Should I Paint my Fence or Shed?

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