The Joys of Wattle Fencing

A totally natural product, wattle fencing is loved by home-owners, gardeners, ranchers, landscapers, and many others. It has many uses, a lovely rustic appearance, is not very costly, and is strong yet simple to maintain. If you desire your fencing, gardens or grounds to have a truly country look, it is ideal. For keeping unsightly things such as composting areas or messy spots hidden, it’s the consummate fencing.

The Uses

Among its many advantages, is the ease with which wattle fencing can be erected; it takes little work to secure it. You can also utilise this type of fencing to make an artistic statement, a handsome ‘stop-sign’ or redirecting barrier - or even contain pets and other animals. But, it is mostly used to give or extend a rural sense to gardens and country property, thanks to the very earthy quality it possesses. Hiding a compost box or area? Again, sections of this fencing work superbly.

Used for centuries primarily to contain livestock, people in many areas of the world still employ wattle fencing as their primary bordering. It is also still one of the world’s most oft-used perimeter fencing, as it is easily constructed, can take many shapes and even allows personal design for those who make it from scratch. It can be made from many types of woods and sturdy reeds, but in the UK, this is not as common.

Wattle fencing is often made of willow, as its flexibility helps create the lattice makeup with fencing of this style. Many people buy willow panels, but hazel hurdles are another favoured version. To set off a small section of garden or use as flower or veggie bed edging, wattle fencing’s perfect. If you own a real country estate, this type of perimeter fencing blends seamlessly into surrounding foliage.

Though it can assist climbing plants, wattle fencing does the opposite for people. They are unlikely to try to climb taller versions. It can contain tall plants and grasses that might ‘spill over’ messily if not contained. Owners of poultry, sheep, pigs and goats, as well as some animal breeders, use this fencing to contain their critters. If using good panels, small pets can be enclosed if they won’t chew through or burrow under it. Quality-made, well-installed panels usually prevent this.

You can add trellis toppings to panels of wattle fencing, attach it to stone and concrete sections, or cover other fencing, like meshnet, to keep that pastoral feel. Consider surrounding a pergola, arbour or decking for rustic, romantic privacy. Get some of this fencing today, and you’ll find many wonderful uses for it, indeed.

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9th Apr 2019