Need a new field gate?

Here at AVS Fencing Supplies we stock a variety of field gates, suitable for different purposes. For livestock, metal field gates are the most popular, as they are less likely to be damaged by animals. Some horses will chew timber and cattle will lean and scratch on gates, causing damage. If you would still prefer to use a timber gate for livestock, consider protecting it with electric tape.

Field gate options

A self locking catch is an easy option for metal field gates, and these can be padlocked if necessary. If a public bridle path runs through your land, an equestrian latch is ideal as it makes it easier for riders to open and close the gates, meaning it is less likely to get left open. For sheep and other small livestock, a five bar gate with a mesh bottom prevents animals from trying to squeeze through the rails.

Timber field gates are attractive and make excellent general farm gates, where contact with livestock is minimal. Our timber field gates are also popular as rustic driveway gates, adding a rural charm to any home. The Somerset and Estate gates are available in softwood or hardwood and right hand or left hand to suit the situation.

Field gate fixings

Don’t forget to purchase the necessary field gate hinges, the pre-packed options come with all fixings included to make fitting easy. If you are using gates in a pair, a drop bolt, or garage door bolt as it is otherwise known, will be a useful purchase.

Call or visit your nearest branch for more information about any type of gates and their fittings.

9th Apr 2019