Lawn Edging: Add Definition to Your Garden

Lawn edging solutions are an excellent way for keen gardeners to add interest and definition to their garden, while there are many different tools available to give grass a straight cut edge. Whether or not your landscaping includes flower borders or gravelled areas, or if soil retention is a consideration for you, there’s a functional and decorative option out there for you.

Railway Sleepers

The use of railway sleepers in landscaping is definitely on the rise. It’s not hard to see why – with their natural look they can give your garden an instant makeover. When it comes to lawn edging, they’re a perfect choice. Use railway sleepers laid single height, cut down or even double stacked to give a defined edge to a grassy area. They’re ideal used to mark the transition where a straight edged lawn meets decking or a raised-height patio, and in a sloped garden they’re a great aid to creating distinct levels.

Multi-purpose railway sleepers can be reused in different ways whenever you decide to give your landscaping an overhaul. They’re also a great investment – chosen wisely and with the right care regime they can last decades. And they can also be used to create quite different visual effects – reclaimed whole sleepers are rustic in appearance, whereas new sleepers give a sleeker finish. If your lawn edging is well manicured, new oak sleepers are ideal for creating a professional, polished look.

Brick and Tile

Another popular approach to lawn edging is the use of brick and tile. The advantage here is that there’s so much potential to personalise the final effect. The majority of us have a square or rectangular shaped lawn, but when laying new turf or even revamping existing landscaping, other alternatives are out there. Irregular borders and curved lines can totally transform your garden’s ‘personality’. Whether you’re going for an avant-garde, contemporary finish or a traditional look with a touch of whimsy, there’s a lawn edging choice that’s perfect for you. Terracotta-style tiles lend a Mediterranean influence to wavy-edged lawns, and even painted bricks can be used as block edging to give your landscaping a little added flair.

Decorative Aggregate

It would be remiss to talk about lawn edging without giving a special mention to decorative aggregate. Another incredibly versatile option for this purpose, one of the most appealing varieties has to be plum slate. This natural-looking aggregate is cost effective, simple to use, and suits a range of settings. As the name suggests, it’s a beautiful purple shade – attractive when used in contrast against lush green grass. It’s also strong, so it’s a good choice for a driveway – and will give any front garden instant kerb-appeal. Plum slate is available in 25kg bags for a smaller amount of lawn edging, as well as bulk bags if you’re looking to cover an entire driveway.

Still not sure which option would best suit your needs? We can advise on everything from the best type of railway sleeper for your project, to the amount of plum slate you’ll need. Get in touch with us at AVS.

9th Apr 2019