How to Erect Closeboard Fencing

When erected properly, closeboard fencing will last for years. Ensure you follow the tips and steps below properly. Find out all you need to know about closeboard fencing first, then start planning your perfect fence.  

Closeboard Fence with Arris Rail

There are many questions you will need to answer before erecting your own fence: how long will it be? How tall? What's your budget? What materials suit your needs and style? Once you've answered all those questions and chosen the fence for you, this is how to erect your closeboard fencing:

1. Peg out a string line, defining the front face of the fence line.
2. Dig your first hole, big enough to hold a post (see tips below). 
3. Place post in the hole and ensure it's level.
4. Pour concrete into the hole, either using Post Mix or ballast and cement, keeping the post upright and straight.
5. Dig the next hole.
6. Position post and insert rails.
7. Ensure the post is level and correctly in alignment, then pour the concrete in.
8. Repeat above until the framework is complete.
9. Attach feather edge boards at each end of the bays to work out the position of the gravel board.
10. Attach cleats followed by gravel boards and stumps.
11. Complete attaching feather edge boards.
12. Fit the capping, if using. 

If you do not have any specific fencing tools for digging holes it's best advised that you use a garden border spade (the small ones with a blade approx 5-6" wide). If the ground you're digging in has concrete or gravel you may have use a 1.5m Crowbar Chisel & Point or maybe a power tool with a breaker attachment.

The ideal fence post hole would be from 600mm (2') to 750mm (2' 6") deep, depending on the height of the fence, and about 200mm (8") square with straight sides.

Our experts say... 
"Post Mix will start to set after around 20 minutes depending on the weather. The post can still be tweaked after 20 minutes to straighten, if required." 

Help & advice
If you are interested in erecting closeboard fencing at your property, please get in touch with your local branch. Our specialists will be happy to offer help and advice and can provide you with a free quote for supply of all relevant materials.

25th Jun 2019