How Do I Use Post Mix Concrete?

Post Mix Concrete is a versatile concrete product, ideal for both DIY and larger use. In the garden, it provides strong foundations for gate and fence posts, as well as the base of paving and pathways. Here's all you need to know...

Postmix Concete

What is Post Mix? 
Post Mix Concrete is a ready-mixed concrete, a mixture of cement and ballast. It's sometimes referred to as Postcrete and is specifically designed for setting timber, concrete or metal fence posts. It's also ideal for smaller jobs around the garden where you need to set objects such as pots or ornaments in place.

Why is it so popular?
Post Mix saves time and effort as the mixture is already made up and ready to use. You will also end up saving a bit of cash as you just make up what you need each time. With Post Mix you only need buy what you'll use as it's available in conveniently-sized bags, ready to mix whenever you need it.

So, how do you use Post Mix?
• You’ll need about one and a third of bags of Post Mix Concrete for each hole for 75 x 75mm and 100 x 100mm fence posts. That’s about 11 bags of Post Mix for eight fence panels. Gate posts, which work harder than posts due to gate movement might use three to four bags.
• The posts should be buried from 600mm (2ft) to 750mm (2ft6") into the ground, depending on the height of the fence; the Post Mix should be placed around the post, but not underneath. (Otherwise the concrete can trap water and soak the post, causing it to decay.)  
• If the ground the post is in isn't free-draining then a small layer of shingle can be placed under the fence post to help drainage.
• Pour half a bag of Post Mix Concrete into the hole – using more for larger holes and posts. Using a watering can with a fine rose, pour clean water around the post’s base. After just two minutes – don’t walk away – check vertical alignment of the post with the spirit level. Adjust post positioning if needed. Repeat this process, directing water onto the post at ground level until the hole is filled. Setting takes only 15-20 minutes. 

Full instructions are also printed on every 20kg bag of Post Mix Concrete to make it easy.

Help & advice
If you want to know ask about a project you have planned, please get in touch with your local branch. Our specialists will be happy to offer help and advice and can provide you with a free quote for supply of all relevant materials.

29th Nov 2017