Colour Stain Ideas for your Decking

Staining decking is an extremely simple process once you know what to do. To spruce up your decking with colour stain, you will need to consider a few important steps. Knowing what colour or type of decking stain to go for, when you should use it and how it should be applied are all good things to think about before you start.

Why Use Deck Stain?

There are a couple of reasons why many people opt for decking stain. If you’re not completely happy with the colour of your new decking or just want to personalise it, decking stain is definitely for you. Or if you need to liven up a tired or silvered deck, stain is again a great choice.

Not only does decking stain make a visual impact, the ingredients also nourish the wood. The stain sinks into the surface of the timber and replenishes its lost oils. The natural grain of the wood can also be enhanced with decking stain, making it look newer and fresher.

Premature ageing of the timber can also be prevented by using timber stain. Harmful UV rays from the sun are blocked to stop any bleaching of the surface.

Choosing your Colour Stain

Use a good quality stain to make sure you can preserve the life of your deck for longer. When picking which colour stain you would like, you should test it like you would any kind of paint beforehand.

Look for a bit of your deck that is quite well hidden and try the stain there. If you don’t like it and need to take it off, use deck stripper instead of sanding it to make sure no unevenness is created.

Consider the other features in your garden such as your fencing and flowers and decide on whether a bold, subtle or natural look would work well for you decking.

If you want to stick to something subtle you could go for a wash of grey colour. A light colour like this works brilliantly in a small garden as it will trick the eye into seeing more space.

Tips on Staining your Decking

  • If your re-staining an old deck, it is best to strip off the stain first to make sure the new stain doesn't flake off. Before applying the new stain however, a good option is to power wash the deck and then wait for it to dry for about a week.
  • Remember to check the instructions for your decking stain as steps can vary for each product. It is usually a good idea to use either a sprayer or brush for application.
  • Also make sure that you are applying stains in mild to moderate temperatures and not high heat. Hot temperatures will make the stain dry out too fast and cold temperatures will stop it from drying at all.
  • Past-midday and early mornings (after dew has evaporated) during the spring months are the best times to apply your colour stain.
  • The product instructions will guide you as to how many coats are recommended and you should allow plenty of time for the stain to dry before walking or moving furniture on the decking.
  • 29th Nov 2017