Chestnut Coppice Products

With increased interest being shown by our customers in our chestnut products, we thought we would tell you a little more about them and the history of Chestnut Fencing.

The Facts

Below you will find three interesting facts about chestnut coppice products.

  • The production of Chestnut coppice products is a key part of the rural economy and many of the products are produced using traditional ways of life. So every time you buy chestnut products you are supporting the rural economy.
  • Chestnut coppicing is a sustainable simple natural principle of nature. The constant cycle of harvesting chestnut coppice every 15-20 years ensures that all the tree stems are maintained and never die, so in many respects Chestnut products are very green and friendly to the environment.
  • Some of the main areas for growing and harvesting Chestnut products are Kent, Sussex and Hampshire. As such if you are purchasing chestnut products and live in these areas or close by, there are a number of positive environmental benefits as the carbon emissions associated with the supply of these products are fairly low.
  • Here at AVS Fencing Supplies we love our Chestnut products and as such are taking advantage of the endless benefits that coppicing chestnut products provide. With 6 branches currently located in coppicing areas we have decided to stock a huge variety of chestnut products and this includes, Chestnut pales, Chestnut border panels, Chestnut fence posts & Chestnut rails as well as many more.
  • So what are you waiting for? If you would like to buy some Chestnut products or find out more about them, please come and view our fantastic selection of chestnut products online or pop into one of 8 branches.
    29th Nov 2017