Fencing - Surrey Style

When erecting fencing in Surrey, residents have numerous choices, as indicated by the many types of fences seen there. The county has a rich history as a location of early English settlements. This past, combined with a fair amount of rural countryside, sees many residents opting for more traditional fencing, in addition to updated, modern fencing to fit suburban standards.

Surrey Style

Surrey’s agricultural property owners often select traditional post and rail fencing, wattle fencing and timber palisade fencing. Such styles offer more countryside appeal to enclose and beautify their properties. These types of fencing easily boost the cosy feel of gardens, yards, workplace and public grounds, as well.

A History

Wattle fencing was used for fencing Surrey barn yards in Saxon times, to hold livestock and create borders. Nowadays, it often adds a nice rural look to any property. Simple natural hazel or willow thatching makes it ideal to surround small gardens, separate planting sections, or to hide backyard compost boxes.

Simple to do

Erecting such fencing, Surrey-based or elsewhere, is easily done using simple-to-use panels. Buy pre-made panels and supporting fence posts and fixings from a quality dealer, and you’ll get fences that withstand constantly changing weathers. Wattle fencing combined with lattice panels makes for lovely backyard comfort. Round-topped panels add an extra flair.


Post and rail fencing is often used when fencing - Surrey’s agrarian property owners love its timeless look. Farmers may combine it with galvanised steel wire to contain livestock. Electrified fencing effectively keeps livestock in and rural predators out. Add-on wire mesh and fencing can contain smaller animals or encircle fast-growing garden plants.

Picket fencing adapts easily to suburban areas, making it a handsome choice for fencing. Surrey residents, like other Englanders, know that the spaces between pickets (or pales) allow greater visibility. Closeboard palisade fencing’s closed feather boards give more privacy, often preferred in suburban areas. Of course, for all of these, you need to erect fence posts.


If installing fence posts in rich, loamy soil, it’s best to plant fence posts with a rough 6:1 ballast and cement mix, or postfix. This applies where wooden posts cannot simply be driven into soil, fit into pre-dug holes for back ramming of soil, or where metal Metpost posts won’t work. Using pre-mortised fence posts can save work, as well.

The fair amount of area rainfall suggests that for fencing, Surrey planners might be wise to use top-quality arris or cant rails. They shed rain and keep fence intact longer. Timber and concrete gravel board bases prevent rot from wet ground. AVS stock a wide array of gates, from traditional wood and stylized metal ones for suburban use, to gates for agricultural use.


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