Eco Ideas for your Garden

It’s easy to make a few adjustments to your garden to make it more eco friendly. The easiest way to improve your eco friendliness is to start growing your own herbs and vegetables.

Grow your Own

A small raised bed kit for herbs won’t take up much space in your garden and you will soon reap the rewards. If you have more space for a larger raised bed you can grow a variety of organic foods, such as potatoes, broccoli and root vegetables, as well as herbs.

A major benefit of growing your own food is that you know exactly what’s gone into it. This means no harsh pesticides or other chemicals, just healthy home grown, organic food.

Compost Bins

Another easy and inexpensive option is to purchase a compost bin. This gives you a place to dispose of all your biodegradable waste efficiently and will provide essential nutrients for your garden. This kind of waste would otherwise end up in a landfill, where air cannot get to the organic waste.

This means that when the waste breaks down it releases methane, which is damaging to the atmosphere. When the same material is broken down in a home compost bin, oxygen causes it to decompose aerobically, greatly reducing the amount of methane that is produced.

How we can Help

Here at AVS Fencing we stock timber pressure treated compost bins in small, medium and large sizes, so there is a size suitable for most space allowances. So why not grow your own vegetables or recycle your green waste and do your bit for the environment in 2012?!


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