Decking Woodstain Advice

Protek Wood Protector

Decorative water based wood protection that can be applied to both sawn and planed timber. Ideal for sheds, fences, pergolas, in fact all types of outdoor timber.

It is completely safe to use near plants and animals. These quality coatings protect your timber giving resistance to fading and water penetration. After initial drying has taken place Protek will not disperse in water therefore further applications give additional colour enhancement.

Protek can be painted or varnished over when dry. Under normal conditions Protek is effective in protecting sound and uncontaminated timber from fungal disfigurement and decay. The active ingredient has the added advantage of being non-hazardous to humans, animals and plants. All tools and equipment can be cleaned with water. Colour samples shown are for a guide only and cannot be relied upon, please ask for colour samples.

Available in resealable 1 litre and 5 litre cans; there is a range of fifteen colours.

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Protek Shed Grade

Available in pourable cans, Shed Grade wood protector is designed for cost effective treatment of large areas of outdoor timber and fencing. Available in a more limited colour range.

Protek Decking Stain

This is a water based, low odour, non-toxic wood stain that is used and recommended by the trade for treating decking timbers. The first grade formulation leaves a hard and flexible micro porous film that is very durable. It has been especially formulated to provide:-

  • A hardwearing surface
  • Peel and crack resistance
  • Protection for the timber from wet conditions
  • Protek Decking Stain is available in six colours; Antique Pine, Nut Brown, Rustic Oak, Golden Cedar, Forest Green, Deep Blue and a Clear. It is available in 2.5 litre tins and only ingredients of the highest quality are used which give excellent light fastness and weather resistance after initial drying has taken place.

    Protek Decking Stain has an excellent penetrating and dispersing action, which gives an even coverage. This is a high quality product, which has been designed to protect decking whilst maintaining its colour and finish.

    Protek Decking Stain has no active ingredient as most decking is already CCA treated, so it is a non-toxic, low odour and harmless to pets and plants. It is not recommended that this product is used on its own; the decking should be pre-treated with a water-based preservative. After initial drying has taken place it will not disperse in water therefore further applications give additional colour enhancement and increase the level of protection.

    It uses a high build formulation that is economical to use, coverage (although dependant on timber porosity, density and moisture content) is greater than other available solvent based products.

    It is essential to allow an initial drying period to enable the bonding action work. This period will vary according to the ambient humidity. If timber treated with Protek is to be immediately exposed to inclement conditions then protection is necessary to allow the initial drying period to be completed. For the very best results we recommend 2-3 coats. Apply to a clean, not excessively wet surface.

    Treatment for End Grain

    This is used during construction of a new deck. It is essential to ensure all timber which is cut or notched is treated with end grain preservative. This is because the effectiveness of the pressure impregnated CCA timber treatment is severely diminished when treated timber is cut in to, breaking the seal. Discolouration of deck boards around cut ends is found when end grain treatment has not been used.

    Treatment for New Decks

    Seasonite is a new wood treatment designed to protect new exterior wood and decking from the damaging effects of sun and moisture. An immediate application of Seasonite seals out excess moisture and protects against fading, keeping new wood looking new longer. It also provides mildew resistance. Ready-to-use Seasonite offers convenient one coat application and easy clean-up with soap and water.

    Retreatment for Existing Decks

    Textrol is an oil based formula to protect and enhance the beauty of weathered exterior wood. Textrol is not a surface coating, it protects by penetrating the wood and will provide a rich matt clear finish after two coats. Best results may be obtained by cleaning with Netrol deck cleaner a few days beforehand.

    Netrol - Deck Cleaner

    Used before retreatment with Textrol.

    Netrol restores new colour to old, weathered and dirty wood. Unlike two part cleaners, Netrol is very mild to use, full strength or diluted. Netrol is scrubbed into the surface and washed off with water after 30 minutes. Produces fantastic results - an excellent product.


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