Why you should invest in your fencing

Consider the cost of fencing as both an investment and insurance. It's clearly both. It could easily be the best investment and wisest insurance policy you ever pay for - for your home, family, business or even your life. Good security for your family, livelihood and property begins at your fence line.

Why invest?

So, when looking to erect fencing, it's highly recommended to spend a bit more on quality materials. Why not just go with the best price? Isn't all fencing the same? And aren't all fencing companies similar? Great questions! Let's break it down for you, so you can truly understand what you're really getting when you consider how to put your hard-earned cash into the cost of fencing.

First, think of perimeter fencing for your home, business, public or private facility or institution as preventative in nature. It might be all that stands between you and those who would do you harm, steal valuable possessions or livestock from you, or cause irreparable damage one can only imagine.

Is the cost of fencing where you want to skimp, if it's your first (and maybe only) line of defence against would-be intruders? No. What price do you place on your family, home, treasures and business? You'd feel very badly if you held back on fencing costs, to lose much more in an instant, or over time. Also, livestock or pets can escape, or shabby fencing can injure others, costing legal fees galore.

Also, quality fencing lasts longer. It isn't something you can stash away in the closet from the sun's rays, nor take inside if clouds mar the sunny sky. Fencing anywhere takes a beating, 24/7, 365 days a year, rain and shine. The cost of fencing is measured not by your wallet, but by its sturdiness and longevity.

This applies even more so along the British coast, where sea salt in the air adds serious corrosion. Though conditions vary from the north to the south, we all receive our fair share of rain, wind, ice & snow that knock down many sub-standard fences.

Avoid Future Costs

The solution? Spend a bit more up-front on the cost of fencing, to get superior fencing products and parts from a known supplier who stands behind them. Thinking, "it can't be that expensive to repair or replace fencing", and "buying cheap fencing will inevitably cost you more. If you don't know the source, untreated timber can be sold as treated against rot. You'll pay more for repairs or replacement when it rots.

Also, over time, prime fencing requires less maintenance, another cost of fencing savings to you. Bottom line? Go with a well-known, respected fencing supplier like AVS, to get the best value. Many steel products are galvanised and powder-coated to resist rust and corrosion. Much of their timber is thoroughly treated to withstand rot and decay from water, insects and moulds; and, they have guarantees on most items that go beyond most dealers.

AVS have only the highest quality fencing, as well as decking, building and landscaping supplies, and many selection options. So, when you buy from AVS, your cost of fencing is well worth the price. They also sell products by leading companies, so you know you're buying the best.


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