Protek's 3 Steps to Protecting Timber

British company Protek have been manufacturing timber stains and protectors for years. What they don’t know about wood care and maintenance, probably isn’t worth knowing.

Using their expert knowledge, they’ve developed an easy 3 step process on protecting your outdoor timber, ensuring it will last and stay looking great for longer.

Step 1 – Prepare & Preserve

Sand, clean & dry

For best results, use timber stains and treatments on bare timber. Make sure it’s clean and dry to give the preserver the ideal surface to cling to.

Wood preserver

If the treatment on your timber has worn away or expired, or you’re using timber that isn’t pressure treated, it’s recommended to apply a preserver.

Knotting agent or stain blocking primer

If you’re using a knotty wood, the stain may be discoloured. Use a knotting agent to prevent this.

Step 2 – Colour & Protect


Put your own stamp on the timber by applying a coloured coating. You can either make the structure stand out from the crowd or blend into the background.


The stain that you apply will contain protective ingredients making it weather proof and longer lasting.

Step 3 - Extra Protection

Clear top coat

For locations that are very exposed, it is wise to use a clear top coat. Also, if you have applied a single layer of colour stain, clear top coat will protect while still showing the wood grain.

Algaecide & algae inhibitor

Perfect for timber that’s prone to algae growth.


If you are treating interior timber, varnish will help to prevent wear and tear. This makes it ideal for floorboards and table tops.


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