Shopping with AVS

How is my order processed?

To find full details on how we process your orders, please visit our Security & Privacy Policy page.

Can I add something to my order after I have paid?

You can add one or more items to your order after it has been processed online. Please call our sales team on 01403 212100 to let us know or inform our sales team when they contact you to arrange delivery or collection.

Can I use a discount code?

Occasionally we will send our registered customers discount codes by email. If you have a code, please use it when you get to the checkout stage.

When you go to your basket, you will see your items as well as the option to input your discount code. Type in the code and click Apply.

If you are not currently registered and would like to sign up to receive benefits such as discount codes, click here to register.

Can I purchase over the phone?

You are welcome to purchase your items over the phone, just call our central sales team on 0800 288 8324 within office hours, 8am-5pm during weekdays.

Delivery & Collection

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to various areas within the country, including but not limited to Surrey, Sussex, Kent and London. You will have the opportunity to choose your zone when you check out and delivery costs will vary. To find out more, see our Delivery Advice page.

Can I collect?

Once you have purchased your products online, you will be contacted soon after to discuss a collection time. Please wait until our team have contacted you before visiting a branch so we can make sure your goods are ready.

What are the details of the AVS Fence Post Guarantee?

For a detailed explanation of our AVS Fence Post Guarantee, click here.

Where will my goods be unloaded?

We usually deliver goods to the kerb side or driveway entrance, however in exceptional circumstances we can drive nearer your property to get the goods closer. When you make your purchase, you will be asked to specify any potential access issues relating to delivery, including road width restrictions and vehicle weight restrictions. To find out more, visit our Delivery information page.

About our Products

How do I build a raised vegetable bed?

Building your very own raised vegetable bed can be an extremely rewarding activity. To find out how, read our informative guide.

How do I construct a decking frame?

For detailed instructions on building a decking fame, click here.

How do I install Metpost products?

Use our blog post on Metpost as a guide to installing ironmongery and fence posts.

What do these fencing terms mean?

Understanding every fencing term can be tricky, whether you are a novice to DIY or an experienced tradesman. That is why we have created a definitive guide to fencing terms, to help you along the way.

Do you have data sheets?

We have a wide range of data sheets for products such as wood preservative, decking treatment and adhesives. Find them by clicking here.

Technical Issues

Why has my transaction failed?

If you have been notified that your transaction has failed, there could be a number of reasons why this has happened. It is a good idea to check whether the following events have happened:-

  • Timing out – have you gone away from the checkout page for a while and then returned to pay? This can cause the session to time out and consequently fail to process your order.
  • Incorrect Card Details – have you entered the correct details? The billing address needs to be the one registered to the card you are using, otherwise our system will pick this up and stop your order from being processed.
  • Insufficient Funds – Are you sure there is enough money in your account to pay for your items?
  • Payment Block – Does your bank block you from spending over a certain limit on your card? Please check with your bank if you think this could be the case as they may be able to remove the block.

If you are confident that none of the above applies to you, it is possible that our website is having technical issues. This is a rare occurrence, however if this is the case, we will do our best to solve the problem immediately.

If you are having any problems completing your order, please do not hesitate to contact our web sales team on 01403 212100.

How do I report a bug or an error on the website?

If you find a bug or error on the site, we welcome you to report it to us straight away. We want to give you the best experience possible with our website so any feedback you can give is much appreciated.

Please either send an email to marketing@avsfencing.co.uk or ring 01403 212100 to let us know the issue our website is having.

Why does your website look different in different browsers?

Our website has been designed to look the same in every browser. Slight changes however may sometimes occur as each browser displays text differently and in different font styles.

Each browser also has a different ‘layout engine’ that interprets a website’s code and displays it into the image of a web page. Because each browser interprets the code differently, slight layout changes can sometimes occur.

Careers at AVS

How do I apply for a job at AVS?

We are always on the lookout for great candidates to work in our branches or Support Office. We regularly update our careers page with positions such as Drivers and Sales People, and would love to hear from applicants with relevant experience and enthusiasm for the role. Take a look at our current vacancies on our careers page or find out more by contacting our HR Department at careers@avsfencing.co.uk.

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