Wooden Garden Structures – Comfortable Cover

When summer hits, wooden garden structures such as pergolas, arbours and do-it-yourself overhead shading can save you from the heat. They can also provide a peaceful place to relax when it’s pouring rain, or serve as cosy retreats when snow falls. In fact, in any weather, they offer privacy, comfort and maybe even romance...

Use your Technology

We all know that more people are working on from home on laptop computers and tablets, and many children now enjoy playing games and messaging on them, too. Wooden garden structures provide the ideal vantage spot from which you can all do this. You can also use them to simply enjoy your gardens, decking or entire yard…especially if you just landscaped it and yearn to be in it.

Have a Party

Poolside parties and other events are made special when embraced in well-constructed wooden garden structures. Such fixtures provide depth and interest to gardens, business relaxation areas, and even institutional settings. Many have trellis sides, for climbing plants, or hanging pots can embellish them nicely and offer more privacy. Consider some different structures and their possible uses.


Pergolas are overhanging eaves, supported by columns, distinguished by flat or slightly arched roofs. They can be very simple or complex wooden garden structures, and can stand alone or in a series. Since early Roman times, they’ve served as walkways shielding against the sun, often covered with a swath of flowers. Great for growing grape vines and climbing plants, Mediterranean, open-air pergolas provide the perfect topping over a dining area, garden nook or poolside resting spot.


With just as many styles – from contemporary to traditional – arbours are often utilised as an aesthetic statement. They’re one of the favourite wooden garden structures of many homeowners and landscapers. Why? Well, they can serve as entryways, or linked together, they make unique paving covering. With built-in benches, arbours give endless comfort to people in their own backyards, and can be attached to fireplaces or used to cover a BBQ or special picnic area.


Gazebos are also open-sided shelters or pavilions. They stand apart from the other wooden garden structures in that they have a roof. It can be domed, turreted, tiled or covered in wooden, metal or even pleated cloth. Gazebos may be attached to walls, freestanding or incorporated into fencing as a ‘bookend’ of note. Long used in public places like parks, larger gazebos have served as bandstands or dance areas.


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