Wooden Field Gates Really Swing!

Quality wooden field gates are incredible. They offer so many uses, that you can get the ideal gate, regardless of your needs. A quality purveyor will provide a broad choice of attractive and strong gates that last for years. If you already have wooden fencing around your property, or are installing it, you’re sure to find a wooden gate that melds very well, aesthetically. Or, wooden gates can add more of a natural feel to metal fencing, a brickwork wall, or other slightly ‘less earthy’ enclosures.

The Benefits

The list of benefits of wooden field gates really does ‘swing,’ as they can serve so many practical needs. Wooden gates offer security; a visible barrier; a commanding entrance to your property; effective safety barriers for children and pets; containment of livestock; and, they can complement existing fencing, adding durable decoration. For farmers or owners of big gardens or properties, a wide gate allows entrance and egress of large equipment, easy movement of herds with few worries about structural damage.

A field gate for your front yard, garden or private woods can provide an instant ‘change of scenery’ when you pass through it, as a great design element. Another favourite function of wooden field gates is using them as transitional borders, defining distinct sections of different properties. Some homeowners love having a simple, stylish wooden gate to gaze at out of the kitchen window while washing dishes. Grow vines or flowers or place flower pots on gates for more visual interest. Many people personalise entrance gates with a family crest, logo or business image.

If you have distant fields or drives you can’t see or don’t monitor with cameras, wooden field gates stand as great “stop signs” for would-be invaders. This is especially true when fences are constructed of tough Iroko hardwood, known well for its lasting power in agricultural and field settings where gates face all kinds of harsh weather conditions. If held in place with sturdy oak gateposts and secured with superiour coach screws, fasteners and a good lock, such gates present formidable security points.

Popular Choices

Popular picks both for toughness and reasonable prices, are the Iroko ‘Somerset’ gate, with it’s low level traditional appearance, and the 'Estate' gate, graced with a high curving timber on the hanging side. Both come in right or left hand versions, in 3’ and 12’ width versions. Or you might opt for wooden field gates constructed of softwood, with less heft and a more relaxed look. A J Charlton’s ‘The Forester’ has a smooth frame, comes in right and left hand styles, and is very popular.


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