Top Tips on Looking After Your Shed

Looking after your shed is important if you want your garden to look great at all times. To many people, their shed is their pride and joy. If you have a soft spot for your shed too and want to treat it to a little TLC, follow these top tips to get you started.

Keep your Shed Dry

Stop moisture such as water, and snow during winter, from getting in your garden shed. If moisture is already seeping in, find out where it is coming from. Have a look at the roof and work out whether any of the nails holding the felt in place have moved. If the nails have moved, you should remove them, reposition and tack back into place.

You can also check the felt to see if it has been torn. If it has been torn, you will need to either replace it or put a layer of felt over the top, depending on how severe the tear is.

If the shed roof doesn't seem to be the problem, take a closer look at the shed floor. Check it is not sitting in water, making the shed floor wet. If this is the cause for the dampness in your shed, the most effective solution is to either lift the shed up onto some pressure treated floor bearers or move it to a dryer area of your garden.

Another cause for damp in your shed could be that the windows are not properly sealed. If this is the case for you, make sure to dry the area and then apply a good quality sealant to the bottom of the window. You should also replace any panes of glass which have cracked, in order to stop moisture coming through.

Protect your Shed

Boards that have split through should also be replaced. To help keep shed boards protected, you can apply treatment to the wood. Even if your shed comes with a factory base coat, you can treat it shortly after installation. Repeat this process annually and focus particularly on sides facing into the weather as these will be most vulnerable to damage.

Everything Else

Take care to cut back overhanging trees that make contact with your shed. You don’t want to risk having issues like branches piercing through roofing felt, for example.

It is also important to check that the base is perfectly level when installing your shed and afterwards. The timber can twist and the doors can drop when the base moves.

Also remember to keep hinges lubricated with suitable oil to stop them from getting stiff.

Do you love your shed?

Looking after your shed can be extremely rewarding, especially if you are a bit of a fanatic. Follow our simple tips to keep your shed looking great and working well all year round.

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