Top Tips for Burning Logs this Winter

Log burning is a very popular past time during the Winter months. Although logs are useful all year round, in the winter months, burning logs is fabulously festive and practical at the same time.

So how exactly can burning logs be used?

Logs are great for traditional looking open fires that keep you warm on a chilly evening. They can also be used with wood burning stoves to create a dramatic effect in your living room or conservatory.

A Few Tips on Preparing your Fire

  • Split the logs into different sizes, according to the size of the firebox
  • Shorter pieces are easier to handle and make the fire maintenance easier. Kindling will also help the fire get started before the logs can burn
  • Take care not to leave your logs on the ground for more than a couple of days. Wet wood on the ground attracts mould and bugs
  • Stack your wood in an open area exposed to sun and wind for the summer. Seasoned wood will burn more efficiently
  • The ideal place to stack logs is close to, but not inside the house. Mould spores and moisture can badly affect indoor air quality, and cause potential issues for people with asthma and lung diseases
  • Building your Fire

  • Before you build the fire, ensure that excess ash has been removed from the firebox. Also open the air control fully
  • When building your fire, avoid creating a structure that collapses. You can do this one of two ways:-
  • 1. Split logs parallel to each other in the firebox with a space between and fill it with newspaper and kindling. Place on top a few pieces of larger kindling crosswise and light the paper

    2. Layer standard log pieces first and on top place a few pieces of heavy kindling. Then place fine kindling on top. Roll up single sheets of newspaper corner to corner and tie a loose knot in each. Place about 5 of these above or in front of the kindling and light the paper

  • Combustion air lets should be left wide open until the firebox is full of flame and wood inside is charred black. The edge of the logs should be glowing red
  • Sourcing Burning Logs from AVS Fencing Supplies

    Our new new Basingstoke branch, formerly known as Herriard Sawmills, sells a range of logs for you to choose from. We supply Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs that are dried to an average of less than 20% moisture content, making them ideal for wood burning.

    Air Dried Hardwood Logs are also available from this branch. These logs have been air dried for 12 months and are well seasoned. This makes them ideal for use in open fires, wood burning stoves and ovens.

    Our staff can assist you with any questions you have about using your logs, whether you are planning on using them over winter or keeping them stacked for summer.

    So if you have been using logs for years for whatever purpose or you have only just discovered the benefits, let us know! We would love to hear your experiences so far.



    Ah you've taken over the old sawmills! Good stuff.

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