The Penthouse

A well-lit, simple summerhouse to enjoy every day

  • The Penthouse
  • The Penthouse
  • The Penthouse
£540.00 - £700.00


Our Penthouse model is one of the best-lit summerhouses in its class thanks to the two tier fully-glazed windows on all but one of the panels. This model is crafted from highest-quality wood and perfect for catching some summer sun.

Tools Required: Hammer, monkey wrench/adjustable spanner, stepladder, spirit level, tape measure, safety gloves or appropriate PPE.
Treat your new structure with wood preservative as soon as it is built to ensure it's protected against the elements.

Roof Material: Tongue & groove boards

Roof Thickness: 12mm

Roof Covering Included: Yes

Roof Covering Material: Green-mineral polyester-backed power felt

Floor Material: Tongue & groove board

Primary Material: Wood

Wood Finish: Smooth-planed

Treatment Colour: Red Cedar

Delivery: Our Sheds & Out buildings are made to order. You will be contacted directly by our manufacture to arrange delivery. Delivery can be up to 4 weeks.


Length (mm)Width (mm)Base Size (mm)Internal Size (mm)External Ridge Height (mm)External Eaves Height (mm)Internal Ridge Height (mm)Internal Eaves Height (mm)No. of WindowsNo. of Doors
1774 1774 1750x1750 1750x1750 2041 1911 1929 1811 10 1
2374 1774 2350x1750 2350x1750 2041 1911 1929 1811 14 1
2974 1774 2950x1750 2950x1750 2041 1911 1929 1811 14 1
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