The Best Fencing Solution for you

Whatever your needs, numerous fencing solutions exist to help you. Whether you own property, a home, business or livestock, you likely need fencing to secure your possessions, add security or privacy, or serve as a dividing line. There are as many types of fencing as there are needs for them, but let’s explore just a few of them.

Security Fencing

One of the most common fencing solutions is securing your house or business against intruders. Most people are, and feel, more secure with a good fence surrounding their place. A fence is both a mental and a real physical barrier against unwanted entry. This can include people with ill intent, like robbery or other crimes. Fencing guards against animals in remote areas with wildlife about.

Steel security fencing is one option among many fencing solutions to keep out potential intruders. Numerous gates and strong steel poles can secure your area. Combine them with other materials to create a more aesthetic look, if desired. Strong wooden fencing acts as a great deterrent, yet offers a pleasant divider to look at, surrounding your home.

Garden, Deck and Pool Fencing

Among the most common uses for fencing, is dividing segments within your property. You can use fencing panels to section off garden beds from pets or pests, or as design separations for different gardens. Wooden, rustic fencing solutions are favoured by many home owners. It can create a natural look that enhances a garden, yard, or surrounding flora. Fencing, combined with embellishing trellises and lattices, allow plants to climb.

Cedar posts and wooden fence panels can be used alone or with steel and other materials for handsome, long-lived fencing solutions. Parents of small children must install protective fences to keep kids from accidentally drowning in swimming pools. As hand-railing is required for decks over 60cm in height, good combinations with dividing fences can be incorporated into yard design.

Agricultural Fencing

Livestock protection and containment, property and equipment conservation and security are some fencing solutions agricultural workers seek. Sturdy Iroko hardwood Somerset gates - sold by the UK’s favourite fencing, decking and landscaping supplier, AVS Fencing Supplies - serve as great containment and security property dividers, and have wide and narrow versions.

Such durable entrances also come in metal field gates and other hardwood timber field gate variations. These cost-effective fences provide peak fencing solutions for all agricultural needs. In addition, consult with AVS for superiour cat-proof fencing, wattle fencing, general and electrical fencing for horses, including Rutland electric fencing.

Property Division Fencing

While we’d all like perfect neighbours and an ideal view, distinct and lovely property dividing bushes and trees aren’t always affordable. However, many low-cost, weather- and decay-resistant fencing solutions are available to set off your property and provide a good-looking barrier offering privacy and security.

These are only a few of the many fencing solutions available to protect, landscape, decorate and improve your property. All of these solutions will increase the value and life of your property, so don’t wait - install your quality fencing today!


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