Take Care of Your Garden Furniture over Winter

Taking care of your garden in winter is often a job that people tend to put off. Just because winter is coming, it doesn't mean you have to neglect your garden furniture. Whether you’re worried about your outdoor table and chairs, pergola or arbour, there are things you can do to preserve their quality for next year.

Just Follow These Few Simple Steps to get you Started…

  • Wash or scrub your wooden furniture once a year to remove any dirt or bird droppings. Cleaning off your furniture before winter approaches is especially important if you want to keep your timber healthy. Moisture is held far longer by dirt than with something that is clean. Therefore cleaning will allow your timber to dry out from time to time during the winter, preventing that dreaded decay
  • Clean your timber furniture by using a warm solution of sugar soap or Netrol Wood Restorer. Netrol Wood Restorer will clean and neutralise staining without bleaching the wood. Just paint on the solution, rinse off with a hose pipe and allow the wood to dry
  • Wood stain can be used as an effective protective layer for your timber furniture. There are plenty of wood treatment options available to help protect timber from fungal disfigurement and decay. Just follow the instructions on the packaging to see how you should apply it to your garden furniture
  • Try to keep garden furniture as dry as possible to help prevent decay from occurring. An obvious way of doing this is by not allowing wooden furniture to sit in a puddle or on very wet grass, all the time. Place a flat stone under the legs of your furniture if possible so that any moisture can be allowed to drain out occasionally
  • Use it, Don't Lose it!

    Although you are thinking about keeping your garden furniture in top-top condition, ready for spring or summer, you still have the option to get more use out of it over winter.

    Have you thought about entertaining on your decking and getting use out of that table and chair set? Or would you sit out in your Arbour with a warm blanket and hot chocolate on a crisp winter afternoon? Well outdoor heaters would certainly be a welcome addition to both these scenarios.

    You can also beautify your pergola with twinkling lights for Christmas or grow some climbing seasonal plants like holly up the wooden beams, for extra festive spirit. Be creative! Be impressed with what you can achieve with your garden furniture this winter.

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    I always put off garden jobs in winter! I got a garden storage box last year and just chuicked everything in to it. Best purchase I ever made!

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