Steel Palisade Fencing

Steel palisade fencing is used for security in a variety of commercial and public settings. Palisades were used in Ancient Greece and Rome as a defensive perimeter around military bases. Of course, in those days they were made from timber – ideal for constructing at short notice. Modern palisade fencing works on the same tried and tested principles but for long-term security needs, with the extra strength of galvanised steel pales.

What is it used for?

Available in a range of standard heights up to 3 metres, a key feature of steel palisade fencing is that it is designed with protection against climbing in mind. This is particularly useful in site applications where opportunistic intruders or vandals are a real likelihood. In situations where curious members of the public need to be kept out for their own protection, palisades are an ideal solution – which is why you’ll commonly see them utilised around electricity substations and railway lines.


Of course, there are situations where a perimeter fence needs to stop more resourceful and persistent intruders, and this is where the core strength of steel palisade fencing comes in. Steel is an alloy of iron, carbon and other metals, making it hard, incredibly durable and – most importantly – resistant to cutting. In addition, the steel pales come in a variety of profile shapes to suit every requirement.

The ‘D’ section is favoured for general security needs, whereas the ‘W’ section adds even greater protection against cutting – and is also available in a variety of thicknesses. Horizontal steel rails add to the overall security of the fence, and if necessary the pales can be placed closer together to increase their effectiveness against cut-through.

A Deterrent

While the strength and height of a perimeter fence are both clearly essential to its security, an added bonus of steel palisade fencing is that it acts as a deterrent. Its sturdy appearance alone will be enough to put off some opportunistic would-be intruders. In addition, an advantage over solid perimeter walls is that the spacings between the fence pales give would-be intruders no place to hide. Another key feature is the choice of topping shapes available for the steel pales. This can range from rounded or square-shaped tops to pointed or even triple pointed – a considerable boost to the fence’s deterrent properties in settings where the very highest security is paramount. However, pointed-top pales should be used only with fences of appropriate height – AVS fencing can advise you further on this.

Fixing Options

To suit a wide range of different site conditions, steel palisade fencing is available with a variety of fixing options. This means that the posts of your secure perimeter fence can be fixed directly into the earth, vertically into a concrete surface, or horizontally onto an existing wall. Uneven ground is not a problem: construction on site from individual steel pales means that your fence can slope with the terrain – without compromising either security or durability. Gates can be bespoke made to ensure that they meet the customer’s security needs whatever the environment.


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