Sleeper Supplies Joins Forces with AVS

Sleeper Supplies, our sister website, will be moving to a new home this spring - and we're happy to announce that they won't be going too far. They'll be joining us right here at AVS later in March 2014.

A Background

For nearly twenty five years, Sleeper Supplies has provided customers with high quality railway sleepers to the trade and keen hobby gardeners alike. Trading within our AVS Fencing branches and - in more recent memory - on their own website, they've built up a reputation for personalised customer service and fantastic value. They've supplied their railway sleepers to the BBC Ground Force team as well as a whole host of local businesses, and we're looking forward to working with them for many years to come.

Railway Sleepers

Versatile and hard wearing, railway sleepers have gained in popularity in the last decade. From practical uses such as soil retention and creating raised beds, to bridges and decorative installations - the possibilities are endless. Second hand hardwood railway sleepers also have the advantage of being a recycled material, so they're ideal if you're trying to keep your materials as green as your lawn. Easy to use, railway sleepers are a perfect way to instantly freshen up your landscaping.

Over the years, the Sleeper Supplies' online gallery has featured a huge range of project ideas, including photographs of customers' most innovative use of railway sleepers in their own outside spaces. The gallery has seen an urban concrete courtyard transformed into a tranquil haven, softwood sleeper decking used to give a suburban garden a contemporary edge, and even bespoke garden furniture built entirely from softwood sleepers.

The Materials

Like any landscaping project, the key to success is choosing the right materials for the job. Traditional recycled sleepers are creosote treated, giving them unbeatable durability and that distinctive rustic appeal, but the Sleeper Supplies catalogue doesn't end there.

New softwood sleepers offer the same versatility with a more neutral feel - and as they haven't been chemically treated, they're ideal for use in family gardens or around vegetable plots. And they're not limited to the garden; the rustic charm of new oak sleepers makes them almost as popular for indoor use such as coffee tables and even fireplace mantles.

Our Range

The team has always been committed to offering the widest possible range of railways sleepers, to ensure that customers will find just what they need to suit their requirements. That's why we'll continue to offer mini garden sleepers - suitable for smaller scale projects as well the perfect accent standard sleepers, their slimmer dimensions will save you on elbow grease. In addition, you'll find the ever popular jigsaw sleepers available on our website: these eye-catching sleepers are ideal if you're looking to make a bold visual statement, and yet they're surprisingly simple to use.

In most cases, your sleeper project will also require fixings. Sleeper Supplies has always offered a variety of landscaping and hex head screws for both hardwood and softwood use, and you'll be able to find these on the AVS website with the rest of the range. We also stock all the tools and accessories you'll need to make your project go as smoothly as possible, from handsaws and claw hammers to plastic fixing pegs and geotextile membrane. Our range of decorative aggregates includes classic Cotswold buff and attractive plum slate for that perfect finishing touch.

One of the most frequent questions the Sleeper Supplies team are asked is 'do you deliver?' The answer is a resounding yes. AVS Fencing have long offered reliable and swift delivery options for online customers throughout the majority of the south east of England, using our own drivers to deliver your goods; standard delivery usually takes between four and seven days.

Get in Touch

We aim to give as much information as possible on our website, but we're happy to hear from you if you have any question at all - about the specification of our railway sleepers, the best type of sleeper to use for your particular project, or about any of our other products. Simply click here for details of how to ask us a question without even picking up the telephone.

We're delighted to welcome Sleeper Supplies to the AVS Fencing online store, and we're confident that our customers will be too.


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