Simple DIY Bird Feeder Instructions

Making a bird feeder in time for National Nest Box Week 2015 is easier than you think! Whether you choose to buy a bird feeder or make one yourself, remember you are making a positive contribution towards the welfare of your local wildlife.

But if you want to get a little bit crafty, you can follow our guide on making your own bird feeder from recycled bottles.

What You Will Need

  • You can choose between using a plastic drinks bottle, a yoghurt pot or a milk carton. Just make sure that they are clean!
  • Wire/String
  • Bird Seed
  • Scissors
  • Wooden Spoons (optional)
  • Step #1

  • Get your chosen bottle and cut a hole in the side of it. The hole needs to be big enough to allow birds to get to the seeds easily but not so big that all the seeds will fall out or get wet if it rains.
  • Step #2

  • Use your scissors again to make a few holes in the bottom of your feeder. This will allow rainwater to drain away.
  • Step #3

  • If you have a couple of spare wooden spoons, a nice idea is to create extra holes in the bottle to poke them through. The spoons should be angled downwards slightly so that the bird feed dribbles on to them. This also gives your feathery visitors somewhere to perch while they graze.
  • Step #4

  • Now it’s time to fill your feeders with some tasty bird seed! Then you can tie wire or string around the top of the bottle and tie to a tree, washing line or pergola.
  • Other Ideas

    This is a great thing to get kids involved in as it is fun and simple to do. However making DIY bird feeders is not limited to using bottles. Get creative and think about what else you might have lying around that could be useful. You could carve out a small log, spread a mixture of lard, peanut butter and seeds on pine cones, or even nail an old shoe to a tree!

    Have you got any ideas you would like to share? Comment below or share your pictures via Twitter, Facebook or Google +

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