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What is a garden shed?

A garden shed is an outdoor building that is the perfect solution to maximising your home’s outdoor space. From a simple storage solution for your gardening essentials to a relaxing work studio away from the hustle and bustle of the family home, our range of sheds for sale are ready to transform your garden.

What can you use a garden shed for?

You don’t have to be a keen gardener to benefit from the use of a garden shed. In fact, at AVS we’ve chatted to many customers each requiring sheds for a range of different purposes. Perhaps you need somewhere to store your summer essentials, and would rather not mess up the house with things you only need certain times of the year. Sheds are the ideal option and we have sheds for sale that are a secure option to keep your belongings safe, and your home clutter-free! It really is incredible how versatile garden buildings can be!

Different types of sheds available to buy

AVS have an extensive selection of sheds for sale, and we’re more than happy to help you figure out which type of shed is best for you. Like many things, sheds come in a variety of shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

The most popular type of shed is called the Apex Shed. This type features a roof with two sloping sides and is generally considered fit for purpose for most storage uses. The Apex roof is the traditional design for sheds and features in many gardens throughout the country.

Secondly, the Pent roof shed features only a single roof slope. This type of shed is perfectly suitable for storage too, though perhaps the single sloped roof may make it a better option for those that need a shed comfortable enough to spend time in. Relaxing outhouse, perhaps?

Wooden sheds

Wooden sheds are one of the most popular types of sheds and for a few good reasons! Most people may not consider this when constructing something in the back of their own home, but metal sheds may require planning permission from your local council. Whereas wooden sheds usually do not require any permission to be built. This is because the structure does not need a foundation.

Plus, a wooden shed blends more fluidly with the surroundings. Chances are you already have a wooden fence, so this type of material is going to complement the design of your garden nicely. Our fantastic range of wooden shed bases for sale are the perfect solution for securing your new shed.

Another great advantage of choosing a wooden garden shed is that should you require replacement panels, fixtures or fittings, these are much easier to replace than metal, plastic or other materials. So, forget about worrying about rust and tedious planning permission requirements, invest in one of our excellent quality wooden sheds!

How to choose the right shed for your needs

Garden shed shopping should consider three factors:

  1. What you will use the shed for
  2. The style, shape and size of shed you would like
  3. Added extras such as treatments, bases, and accessories

Choosing a shed may simply be a case of buying one that would cosmetically complement your home and garden. Indeed, whatever the case may be, buying a garden shed is more enjoyable than you think. The possibilities are endless! Our team at AVS will consider different factors to help you choose your new garden building. We often suggest customers think about where they are going to be building and placing the shed, as this can help decide which style to choose!

AVS have a great selection of sheds for sale that are constructed from interlocking tongue and groove boards. This type of garden shed construction provides increased protection from the wind and rain. So, your UK garden shed is weather-proofed all year round!

We also stock pressure treated garden sheds, too. This means the timber holding your shed together is guaranteed against rot and fungal decay for an impressive 15 years. So forget about the dingy, cobweb-riddled rotting shed you try and avoid all year-round, and save yourself the time and money of maintaining your new garden investment.

Things you can store in your garden shed

  • Gardening equipment & accessories
  • DIY tools
  • Toys for the garden
  • Plants (create your ideal greenhouse out of the way from the kids!)
  • Garden furniture can be stored inside your shed to protect it from the elements. In fact, some people remove the cushions from their garden furniture to keep them dry in the
  • Garden sheds are perfect for storing bikes. You can even invest in accessories to maximise the space in your shed, so your bike isn’t in the way!


Things not to store in a garden shed

  • Don’t store food. Storing food may make sense. In fact, more people tend to stockpile goods these days. But storing any type of food, including the dog’s treats and biscuits, is a big no-no when it comes to outdoor storage. Though locked securely away, you’re welcoming the curiosity of local wildlife and, unfortunately, they don’t care much about your new shed as you do.
  • Don’t store paint in the shed. Keeping paint outdoors could make it unusable. Any change in temperature can affect the consistency of paint, making the living room touch-up even more expensive!


How much does a garden shed cost?

The cost of a garden shed varies depending on the type, shape and size of shed you require. Also, some sheds may come with wood treatments, windows and different types of floorboards. Depending on your requirements, these factors will affect the cost of your garden building. However, the shed is a great investment for your home, and paying for some added extras that will secure your shed for the years to come is a better option than having to replace your shed every couple of years, or even worse, risk damaging the goods which you store inside.


AVS sell a fantastic range of garden storage solutions. As well as more traditional sheds, we also have a brilliant selection of smaller storage, such as our log storage . Our team are happy to help you figure out how best to get the most of your outdoor areas.  Buying your garden shed with us online also comes with free national delivery!


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