September Gardening Jobs

As the autumn months approach, now is the time to start thinking about which gardening jobs need to be done in September. The good news is that there are lots of simple things that can be done to keep your garden looking great throughout autumn, winter and next spring.

Looking after your lawn is an important job during September:-

  • Use turf or seed to create a new lawn if needed
  • Aerate your lawn with a garden fork to avoid waterlogging
  • Apply lawn dressing after maintenance works
  • Feed your lawn with autumn fertiliser
  • Before you start mowing, make sure the height of the blades are longer. By this time of year, grass growth has started to slow down
  • When it comes to looking after your flowers, consider carrying out the following gardening tasks:-

  • Prepare for spring floral displays by planting spring bedding. Water your flowers before you plant them and top up generously whenever the weather is dry
  • Remove dead flowers to encourage new growth
  • Divide perennials to encourage growth of new plants
  • Harvest crops such as onions, pumpkins and squash
  • There are also plenty of jobs to be done in the Greenhouse:-

  • Clean out your greenhouse to make sure there is less risk of pests the following year
  • Give your plants more light by removing shading
  • Close doors in the afternoon to keep the heat in overnight
  • Other Jobs:-

  • Fallen leaves and plants will be ready for collection and composting over autumn so prepare a compost bin in advance
  • Get rid of diseased plants but don’t compost them
  • Remove weeds from your pond
  • Which gardening jobs do you swear by?

    If there are any gardening jobs that you think are essential for September, let us know in the comments box below. In the meantime, we hope this check list helps you get your garden looking great in no time. Happy gardening!


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