Right Here Right Now

Right Here Right Now is a pledge to our Trade Customers that everything you need for a hassle-free trading experience is right here at AVS. Just like you’d expect to find bacon & eggs in your Full English, you can expect to find all your bread & butter fencing products at AVS.

We have revolutionised the way we source stock to ensure that over 260 product lines are on the ground, ready to go, at all times.
In fact, we have so much stock on the ground that if you put it all in a pile, it would weigh over 6,000 tonnes. Yep. 6,000 tonnes.

That’s the equivalent of 500 London buses.
Or 666 fully loaded AVS lorries.

We’re so confident in our stock, that we are literally prepared to risk our bacon.

We pledge that if you ever can’t order something from our Right Here Right Now range, we will personally see to it that you get your chops around some delicious breakfast goodness.

Whether it’s a full-blown sit-down fry-up together, or a breakfast voucher to use when you want – we’ll make up for any lack of bread & butter stock with some hearty bacon & eggs… and sausage, and beans, and mushroom, and hash browns, and tomatoes, and toast, and black pudding, and a fried slice, and chips (are chips part of a fry up?) You get the idea.

Click here for the Right Here Right Now stock range.