Reasons why you Should Buy Quality Fence Panels

Using bad quality fencing panels for your home or commercial buildings is a waste of good money. It also wastes installation and replacement time and energy and could possibly put you at risk. Your interior possessions, structure’s value, and even your safety could be affected by using cheap fencing panels. Think this is an exaggeration? Well, consider the following.

Going for the lowest-cost, cheap fence panels might seem like an easy solution. The attraction of “volume discounts” at warehouses that do not provide quality goods can backfire in many ways. You might think you’re saving a lot of money. However, usually low price means low quality. Why?


Well, firstly, the fence will deteriorate more quickly. Exposure to nature’s everyday elements – sunlight, rain, snow, ice, wind, wind-blown ice, dirt and debris – all take their toll on fencing panels as well as other fencing components.

Buying cheap fencing panels will show this decay in short order, as the effects above ground will quickly take their toll. If one strong storm hits your fence, fencing panels could get ripped off by the wind. Cheap fencing panels could disintegrate quickly in such conditions. If blown into your or a neighbour’s house, you might incur much higher damage and legal costs.


If your fencing panels blow loose and injure someone, you could suffer litigious problems costing far more than the “savings” you made. And, we are only talking about the more severe, above ground costs you can suffer by buying cheap fencing panels. What happens underground to cheap fencing posts, or internally to fencing panels that are not of the best composition?


All wooden fencing absorbs water, so it swells and dries out again. Better woods will not be as affected by this ongoing process. They’ll withstand it longer and with less decay over time. Woods grown in northerly climates have already adapted to the harsher changes in weather over tons of time. Therefore, they make better fencing panels, as they’ll naturally withstand nature’s forces.

Rotting of wooden panels will quickly show how low price means low quality. Better wood composition equals denser material, so it resists water’s effects. Insects, mould and algae all enter wood from the outside, but once they’ve taken hold, a fence panel’s life is shortened. These processes rapidly spread to the other panels, until the whole fence is gone. Panels without a guarantee against such rotting aren’t worth half the sale price.

Choose Quality

Quality fencing panels, sold by a reputable, established dealer come with an extended life guarantee. Even AVS dip-treated lap panels have a 10-year anti rot guarantee. Dip treated panels are a lower-priced item - but, still not cheap fencing panels as described above. So, you know that a company standing behind these with a 10-year guarantee will back up their higher priced fencing panels.

As expected, AVS offer even longer guarantees on their pressure-treated fence panels, including some lap panels with a 15-year guarantee. They cost a tad more than dip treated ones, as the quality pressure treatment helps to resist rot and extends the wood’s life – you guessed it – saving you money on replacement panels.

AVS have a wide assortment of fence panels to meet the most modest of needs or to fulfil ornate standards. Their selection includes easy-install lap panels, lush and strong willow fence panels, lovely and practical picket fence panels, and a variety of complete wooden fencing kits with everything you need to erect each panel you purchase. What do they not have? Cheap fencing panels.


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