Project ERP: Replace Datafile with Intact-iQ

A New Way of Working

Way back in January we announced early plans for implementing a new system that would eventually replace our trusty old Datafile. The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a powerful tool that will enable us to manage and integrate all aspects of our business, including web sales, purchasing and stock management, as well as customer relationships and accounting processes.

AVS Fencing Supplies is growing rapidly and it needs an equally dynamic software to support that growth in a slick and reliable way. With your help we selected Intact-iQ as the best ERP product for the job.

So What Does it Mean for Me?

The software is very user friendly. The familiar Windows-style design and layout will create an approachable working environment for everyone and a fresh new feel. And the multiple screen sessions make it quick to find reference information.

Just like the frustrations of an intermittent internet connection, Datafile could often be slow and cumbersome. We could be ‘waiting for Diamond’ forever. Intact-iQ will be quicker and faster, cutting down on laborious and time consuming tasks and processes.

The new system is an intuitive and powerful tool that is able to make recommendations based on historic data, enabling you to work efficiently and in a more joined up manner.

The Project Progress

Since January, several members of the team from across the business have been consulted during a series of workshops. Input has been sought on both the selection process of the appropriate ERP product, and deciding exactly what the new system needs to be able to do for us.

Progress of the implementation of the new software has been rapid, with the handover and phase one completion happening in May of this year. User training across all departments will begin towards the end of August once the design stage and system processes have been tested, where we will be given the opportunity to delve into the system software’s capabilities.

After using and having to rely on the Datafile software for so long, the implementation has been planned by the management team to ensure a smooth transition and that we are well equipped to use the new ERP to its full capabilities.


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