Privacy Fencing: Keep Prying Eyes Out!

Privacy fencing is a quick and easy way to transform your space into the perfect outdoor retreat. At its best, your garden is an extension of your home – an outdoor haven for you and your family to enjoy life and unwind in.

Your Options

For many people, a timber fence is the obvious place to start. Lap panel fencing is made from horizontal planks with a slight overlap, so there are no gaps between them. A cost effective option, these have the benefit of being easy to put up. Closeboard fencing, as the name suggests, is another ideal choice for privacy – constructed from vertical wooden planks, it also offers improved strength and durability.


If your current fence isn’t quite up to the job, but you’re not ready to replace it, trellis and lattice provide an alternative solution for your privacy fencing needs. They can be used to add height and decrease visibility, but they also allow sunlight through – something definitely worth considering along a north facing border. They also provide decorative benefits, especially if you’re going to be using them to train vines or flowering plants. Trellis and lattice are both great choices for people who want to add a little extra privacy to their landscaping while still retaining an informal, attractive look.


In some older terraces, particularly in suburban areas, the rear gardens are sometimes divided by a low level brick wall. While this may mark the boundary sufficiently, this is exactly the kind of situation in which privacy fencing can help you to easily create a defined outdoor space that you and your family can really relax in. Fence posts attached to the wall at regular intervals are ideal for running a natural heather screen along the boundary, giving you the feeling of a little extra seclusion. Alternatively, screening made from split bamboo or peeled reed is both attractive and modern – and can be easily fastened to a brick wall to add extra height.


If you live in a rural area, or perhaps would just like to bring a little of that countryside ambience to your suburban garden, hurdles are an often overlooked privacy fencing option. Made from thin woven branches of either willow or hazel, hurdles lend your landscaping a traditional and rustic feel. The main difference between the two varieties is that the branches used for willow hurdles are narrower, meaning that the weave of the hazel hurdles has a sturdier finish. AVS stock them ready made in a range of heights from 0.9m – ideal if you just want to screen a lower level storage area, for example – all the way up to 1.8m.

Knowing your Boundaries

With all of these different options, there’s something to suit everyone. However, it’s important to bear in mind that there are laws in place to limit the height of any fence or wall unless specific planning permission is granted. Check that any new privacy fencing – or height additions to existing fences or walls – will comply with these laws before beginning construction.


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