The Postpuller - Hire & Buy from AVS Lewes & Guildford


Do you want to make more money and do less work?

Then you need the Post Puller in your life my fencing friend!

The Post Puller removes any fence post and concrete footing in under 2 minutes, without any digging.

Boost your productivity:
• Posts take a fraction of the time to remove compared to using traditional methods.
• Giving you more time to get on with the rest of the job.
• Enabling you to complete more jobs per day/week.
• The Post Puller makes removing posts a one-man job, freeing up labour time and costs.

Watch the video!

*Only available from AVS Lewes and Guildford

Manual handling is massively reduced:
• Reduces the risk of injury.
• Reduces the risk of time off through injury.
• Reduces physio costs.

The hole size of extracted posts is smaller than digging out:
• Less cement is required for new posts.
• Less cement means quicker setting. Increasing productivity.
• The area is left more intact and is quicker to get back to looking good.

Other benefits of the Post Puller:
• The unit is only 730mm wide, meaning it fits through most garden gates.
• A simple claw attachment allows broken posts below the ground to be removed with ease.
• 4 tonnes of pulling power through a simple hydraulic hand lever.
• More than a match for many posts and their concrete footing.
• Safe and simple to operate.

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