Your Wood Know-how Guide

When you're investing in new fencing, outdoor furniture or a garden structure, it pays to understand where your wood comes from. Here's ten facts you need to know. 

1. At AVS, we know where all our wood comes from. We know the forest the tree was grown in, when it was cut down and also the sawmill which cut it into timber. We even know the person who cut the tree down. 

2. We prefer to use the best, home-grown wood so 90% of all AVS timber is grown in the UK and Ireland.

3. All our wood comes from forests that are sustainably-managed by the UK Forestry Stewardship Council, where every felled tree is replaced by a sapling that will grow into a mature tree.

4. Our timber is grown for longer (for example, 30 years in Northumberland's Kielder forest) meaning it makes fences, gates and trellises that look better, are strong and last for longer in your garden.

5. AVS work with many family businesses who have been turning timber into panels and posts in their sawmills for generations.

6. There are three grades of sleepers but we only buy Grade A which are the best condition available. Our reclaimed sleepers have spent decades propping up railway lines, giving them their vintage, worn look.

7. Our fence panels are built to withstand the British weather; each one is framed with timber and has as many as five supporting batons on each side.

8. We treat timber with wood treatments that are water-based so they won't harm your soil.

9. There are workshops in eight of our ten AVS branches, all making bespoke products or modifying gates, posts or trellises to suit customer requirements.

10. Our founder started in the fencing business over 50 years ago before founding AVS store in 1983. We're still run by the same family 25 years (and counting) later. 

16th Jun 2019